Intel Announces The Overclockable Desktop CPUs- ‘Skylake’ Core i5-6600k And Core i7-9700k

Intel Announced The Overclockable Desktop CPUs- ‘Skylake’ Core i5-6600k and Core i7-9700k

Intel chose the venue of Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany to announce its two upcoming overclockable enthusiast-class CPUs. These are of its Skylake generation. The models Core i5-6600k and Core i7-9700k are manufactured following a brand new technology. Intel has already launched Z170 chipset in order to support the latest processors. The Core i5-6600k would come with a base frequency of 3.5 GHz, which can be further pushed to 3.9 GHz. The Core i7-9700k is clocked at 4.0 GHz and can move-up to 4.2 GHz. These models have four cores and Intel HD 530 graphics integrated. However the Core i7 model supports Hyper-Threading scheme by Intel that lets each core to execute together two threads. The Core i5 has 6 MB and Core i7 has 8 MB of L2 cache. Both the models support DDR3L or DDR4 RAM and use the latest LGA1151 socket. Computers incorporating any of these CPUs [+more]

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Windows 10 Replaces ‘Bliss’ful Background For Dark, Smoky Background

Windows 10 Secret menu to enhance user-friendliness and reduce time

Microsoft has finally revealed a lightshow that has its main image for the Windows 10 desktop. This is also touted as a substitute image for the highly successful and iconic Window Bliss background that we know till date. The American giant plans to launch Windows 10 by 29 July while also expecting close to one billion devices to download the latest operating system. The new image that has gone viral has the iconic logo from Microsoft encapsulated in laser, glass and smoke. What’s The Inside Story? The latest Windows 10 background is the work of Bradley Munkowitz, famous photographer and has been caught on lens at a San Francisco studio. In case the creator’s name strikes no cord, then recall movies such as Oblivion and Tron.  Munkowitz initially desire creating a portal made from glass that has light shining through the logo for Windows. The final image is a great [+more]

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Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher Soon, Work On 27 Incher Desktop Too On In Full Swing

Apple iOS9 Release May Coincide With New Handset From The Company

We have been awaiting scoop if the widely hailed Force Touch feature will make it to the 15-incher MacBook Pro from Apple. Apple is set to release a revamped Macbook Pro 15 incher featuring the track pad with Force Touch, according to MacG and 9to5Mac. The main reason this patented spec is being awaited is because it will help Macbook understand different types of touch and pressure intensities. While touch screens are nothing novel, a touch-sensitive track pad that understands the pressure level is totally unique. The spec will also offer tactile feedback as per the task that got performed due to a tap or touch. As far as we know now, we could not garner the fact that Force Touch track pad will come with four sensors. Even the topmost edge will have touch response capacity so the slightest push could give you lots to show onscreen. Besides this wow spec, [+more]

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Windows 8: Why the Ladies Ought to Look Forward to It


So yes, it’s time to start the countdown until Microsoft launches the latest version of Windows 8, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Now we know the tech world loves to look down on Microsoft and ridicule the troublesome OS that Windows has been in the past, its popularity notwithstanding. But the truth remains that even till date, it remains the topmost preferred OS for PCs worldwide. And it gets better with the upcoming Windows 8. We’re going to look at Windows 8 from a slightly different angle and tell you why all the ladies are also going to love the new Windows. PC-Tablet-Mobile Interconnectivity: Yes, Apple’s already been doing this for a while, so let’s not rain on their parade. But, Windows 8 is going to be launched for computers, for the Surface tablet, and of course, even on mobile phones. So it just makes [+more]

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