Meet Gauss: the Recent Malware Linked with Stuxnet, Flame

Researchers on Thursday revealed the name of new kind of malicious software that they recently discovered. Named Gauss, this malware seems to have descended from the same state-sponsored program that is also known for producing viruses such as Stuxnet and Flame.

The researchers believe that this malware shares the same … Read the rest

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Android Malware and Threats: Budding Up in 2012 Olympics

Cyber threats and security is one of the main points that authorities at London Olympics 2012 need to take into consideration as hackers are getting more and more creative with malware attacks. Google’s Android is one mobile operating system that is referred as being plagued by most malware attacks.

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Cybersecurity Bill Did Not Get Enough Support in Senate


A security related bill that could prevent large-scale cyber attacks failed to get support from the Senate members on Thursday. The bill was considered essential for the security of nation’s infrastructure that included water supplies and the electrical grid.

Despite consent and strong endorsement from top military and national security … Read the rest

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