Playing Catch-up? iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

If statistics related to web traffic can predict just how well a product is expected to perform, we’d have to say that the iPhone 5 could be a more popular phone than the Galaxy S3. According to mobile ad firm, Chitika, an analysis of web traffic in US and Canada reveals a slight edge to the Apple iPhone 5, where 56% of impressions came from this phone, while the Galaxy S3 cornered 44% of the share.

What’s even more impressive about this data is that the iPhone 5 just launched a few weeks back, while the Galaxy S3 has been around for a few months now. It definitely seems like Apple’s managed to break all of its previous records in sales of the latest iPhone, and with 4G connectivity options being the norm of the day, it’s no surprise that owners of iPhone 5 are increasingly spending more time on the web.

This, however, is not good news to Apple’s archrival, Samsung, which has been directly pitting the Galaxy S3 as the iPhone’s competitor. Will Samsung manage to regain lost ground and overtake the iPhone 5 in this rat race? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Galaxy S3 Mini’s launch has helped Samsung with this.… Read the rest

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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Which Of Them Pulls More Web Traffic?

Apple iPhone 5In spite of the flawed mapping software, the iPhone 5 does not really stop to pull customers towards its sleek and stylish design. The fact that Apple managed to sell over five million devices during the first week of its launch stands witness to this fact.

And now as per a latest report by Chitika, mobile ad firm, Apple’s latest sixth-gen iPhone 5 has even surpassed the Web traffic, outdoing its rivals’ Samsung Galaxy S III in less than 18 days.

The findings by the firm Chitika were based on millions of mobile ad impressions from both the devices across the US and Canada, starting Oct. 3rd till 9th.

By Oct. 9th, the firm noted that about 56 percent of impressions were from Apple’s iPhone 5 and 44 percent from the Galaxy S III.

According to Chitika it is the record-breaking sales numbers and the devices’ 4G browsing speeds of iPhone 5 that made way to this growth. However, the news was not really good for the Korean manufacturer, who puts its Galaxy device in direct competition to the Apple’s smartphone.

The report concluded with the fact that iPhone 5 remains the most active smartphone for the users of mobile Web.

However, many analytics company such as Localytics, a mobile app analytics and marketing firm believes that the patent trial between Samsung and Apple has in turn helped boost up Samsung Galaxy’s sales. The firm reported that Galaxy S III sales surged 9 percent each week since Aug. 1.

Interestingly, Samsung also managed to get a clean chit on the sale of its Galaxy Nexus device recently, which the Cupertino Calif.-based firm had asked the US court to ban.… Read the rest

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