Best 5 Cases To Keep Your iPhone 5 Shielded

Apple’s iPhone 5 is a pack of many innovative features on the inside. And on the outside, the device is just as sleek and stylish. With a back panel made of aluminum, your iPhone 5 is no doubt durable, but it’s also more prone to scratches.  Why to take a chance, protect your precious phone, get a case.

With the popularity of iPhone 5, the market will be flooded with cases, in all colors and designs. You can easily get a case for around $30, now that’s small price to pay to for your iPhone 5! To help you out, we have sorted some of the best cases on the web, which will not only protect your device, but also wrap it in added style. Take a look:

Belkin Ease-Fit Armband


This adjustable and water-resistant cover will keep your iPhone safely at your side while you run, climb, lift, or, well, move.









Belkin Flex Case – 2 Pack


Flexible, shock-absorbent, silicone cases from Belkin add a neat zigzag pattern and grippy feeling to your iPhone 5 with a lip that protects the delicate screen from impact.








Belkin View

Show off your iPhones sleek new design with this case, which has a band that comes in black, white, or four other bright colors, like “Fresh,” which is pictured here.








Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Apple iPhone 5 Case – Backlit Edition

iMessage like a maniac? Abhor your on-screen keyboard? Wrap this case around your iPhone 5, and you’ve got a slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY hardware keyboard.








Case-Mate Glam

For a fancy feel, dress up your iPhone 5 with this case that’s available in six sparkly colors including Silver, Champagne Gold, Flame Red, Marine Blue, Pink, and Violet Purple.








Case-Mate Pop! Case With Stand

Available in 11 fun color combos, this case is durable and has a thick lip to help safeguard your screen, and grippy texture on its sides, so your iPhone is easy to grab.








Case-Mate Waddler

This cute, silicon cover entertains with its modernesque penguin motif, complete with a flipper charm for a tail.









Cygnett FlipWallet Essentials Case

Travel extra-light with this case, in which you can integrate credit card slots and a billfold so you can leave your wallet at home.









Cygnett Lavish

One of a few genuine leather cases, this cover flips open and has a magnetic closure. It comes in black with a gray lining, or blue with a red lining.









Hard Candy ShockDrop

Neat and tough, this cover comes in black or red to enrobe your iPhone in a 10-millimeter-thick layer of texturized silicone complete with a molded home button and volume controls, along with rip-proof port covers.








iLuv Aurora

A cover that glows in the dark. If that’s what you like, this soft, flexible, grippy case is apt for you. This cover has a padded interior and comes in three color combos including pink/light blue, white/light blue, and green/black.







SkinIt iPhone 5 LeNu Case

The LeNu case is simple, slim-line plastic, but you can choose from hundreds of designs in categories that include sports teams, colleges, art, photography, entertainment, animals, humor, and more.






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It’s a Heyday for Apple; Gets Awarded $1B in the Case Against Samsung

Ok. So it is decided. Apple triumph in the landmark patent dispute. The nine person jury agreed with Apple’s claims that Samsung has infringed Apple’s patent and copied the design of Apple products, wake to beat the popular iPad and iPhone. The jury decided against Samsung claims that Apple infringed Samsung’s patent.

Apple was awarded $1.05 billion, half of $2.5 billion that Apple requested. If the Jury ruling survives the appeal than Samsung business all over the world are likely to get affected.

Apple and Samsung both are key players in the Smartphone and the Tablet Market. Till now, the ruling has not affected the sales of the Samsung products but Apple has requested to ban the Samsung products, which have been copied from Apple.

“While a billion [dollars] is significant, Samsung has the balance sheet to cover it,” said Demetrios Anaipakos, a patent lawyer. “What’s more substantial is an injunction. If Samsung is required to pull devices off the market, that will be much more expensive.”

The jury found infringement by Samsung in six of seven patents raised by Apple in the suit. In five cases, the infringement was willful, the jury said.

After the victory, the Apple’s shares have taken a huge jump. “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer,” Samsung said Friday night after the ruling. “It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.”

According to Craig Timberg and Hayley Tsukayama of The Washington Post, the ruling could lead to higher licensing fees, which companies pay one another to use proprietary technology. Such higher costs could eventually raise consumer prices and send more profits to Apple should it choose to license its technology.

“Clearly Apple is the winner here in financial terms, with things coming from licensing down the road,” said Al Hilwa, a technology analyst with International Data Corp.

He predicted that the net effect would be price increases for consumers. “Someone has to swallow these licensing fees,” he said.… Read the rest

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