The Samsung Apple Rivalry Getting Bigger: The Former Gets iPhone And iPad Banned at AT&T

With the International Trade Commission (ITC), placing veto on import of older versions of the iPhone and iPad attuned with the AT&T wireless network, Samsung has won the stint against Apple. The barred Apple products comprise of AT&T compatible iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G along with iPad 3G … Read the rest

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Apple iPad Mini Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3- Does Samsung Have Enough Nerve To Oust Apple?

Samsung is looking to give apple a run for its money. Wonder how? With the announcement of its latest kid—the 7-incher Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung is confidently sharpening its lance to challenge Apple’s iPad Mini to a duel.

The battle of the smaller warriors is set to begin but … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Has A Class Appeal, Would The Class Apart Futuristic Apple iPhone 6 Connect With Samsung Enthusiasts ?

As good a year as 2012 was for Samsung, we can’t really say the same for its archrival Apple. Even though the two tech majors’ courtroom battle is nowhere nearing its end, in terms of sales and popularity however, Samsung did end up emerging as a clear winner. And 2013 … Read the rest

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Is Apple Not Confident About Apple iPhone 5S? Fear Surfaces As Samsung Galaxy S4 Takes The World By Storm


Apple iPhone 5S is on the way but with Samsung Galaxy S4 making waves in the market, Apple is not happy with its success and is not taking it in positive stride. Direct comments of Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller on Samsung Galaxy S4 have surfaced the threat … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5: The Big Fat Entertaining Features Pushes To Take Hard Look At Apple

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has captured the attention of the media and Smartphone lovers alike – taking the limelight away from the Apple iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 6

Apple—the core rival and competitor of the flagship products from the House of Samsung is … Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5 Seems Wary Of Losing Fan Base To Samsung Galaxy S III: Heat Is On

After Steve Jobs, perhaps another Steve is iconic in his association with Apple. We mean Steve Wozniak—for all those, yet unacquainted—he is the co-founder of the market giant Apple. Now when a statement comes from such an individual, it sure means serious business. Woznaiak was vocal in opining that Apple … Read the rest

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