What to expect from Netflix in India?

Viewers can now access the huge repertoire of domestic and international video contents courtesy Netflix that has arrived in India. The video content that is streamed by Netflix can be viewed on smartphones, laptops, tablets and television screens, a feature that keeps Netflix ahead of other similar companies operating in India. It can also be viewed on larger screens by using Apple TV and Playstation. Netflix exclusively produces a lot of globally popular contents, too.

Netflix in IndiaUncensored content

Considerable amount of uncensored content will be available but all contents streamed by Netflix are rated for the category of viewers that debar children from viewing adult contents. Although plenty of contents have been left out from the catalogue, the collection of new titles is laudable. Indian viewers would be happy to access contents that had remained out of bounds for them, till now.

Bollywood Films

Besides international titles, classic Bollywood films from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun to Piku find a place in the catalog and the process of enhancing the list is already on. Netflix provides a huge platform for independent cinema in India that can now overcome the problem of not finding enough screens to reach to viewers.

Smooth streaming and seamless viewing are assured.


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Amazon.com Discontinues Google Chromecast, Apple TV For A Reason

Apple TV and Google Chromecast will no longer be available on Amazon.com or its partner sites as the company has decided to ban the sale of these items for an indefinite period of time.

Although the decision may appear to be quite baffling, it is actually an initiative to boost the sale of Prime Instant video streaming service. While Google Chromecast and Apple TV have been discontinued, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Roku will be available on the portal, as these are compatible with the Prime Instant video service.

Amazon.com discontinues sale of Google Chromecast and Apple TVAmazon to sale Prime Instant video service compatible players

According to the reports, Amazon has decided to restrict their services only to those media players, which are compatible with Prime Instant video so that users can buy without any confusion. Prime Video services is now considered to be an integral part of 99 annual Prime loyalty membership of Amazon. Hence, the steps adopted by the company is not very surprising. Yet, some customers were disappointed for the sudden announcement. While Amazon has cleared their stance on Thursday, Apple and Google are yet to make any comment about this decision. Amazon.com Inc. is a major online retailer and on Thursday, their shares closed with a positive note, 1.7 percent or $8.83 to $520.72.… Read the rest

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Apple TV Touted to Launch in September with All New UI, Design and More Features

The Apple event slated to happen in September is highly awaited. Apart from newer iPhone models, the company is also expected to launch a brand new Apple TV. According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV would have a wider yet slimmer design. It is supposed to be an all-plastic body for better compatibility with most wireless devices and routers. The website also reported that Apple TV would come with a brand-new remote control that would be bigger and have more tactile keys. It is also believed to have touch-based input and sensor support.

According to The Verge, the new Apple TV could have a dedicated App Store.Apple TV Touted to Launch in September with All New UI, Design and More Features They also suggest it could come with Proactive so that users can search for shows, movies, or games across a range of apps and services. On the other hand, 9to5Mac says Apple may wait until the hardware hosts more third-party apps before rolling it out.

We expect this new device to support Siri. There is also likely to be a slimmer chassis and supported by an Apple A8 system. In all likelihood, the TV could work with a finger touch and offer enhanced on-board storage.

There are also reports of a dedicated SDK with the device enabling developers to provide apps for Apple TV as they do for the iPad and iPhone.

Despite being in existence for many years, Apple TV lags behind in terms of enjoying widespread adoption as with other Apple products. Lets hope the new Apple TV brings some changes worth considering.… Read the rest

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Ring In The Father’s Day With Top 10 Tech Gifts Under 100$

Father’s Day is knocking round the corner and it is time for some gifting ideas within a budget. When it comes to gifting daddy, taking the tech route is the best choice. Here are ten gifts under $100:

  1. Ring In Father’s Day With Top 10 Tech Gifts Under 100$Bose SoundLink Color- One of the best Bluetooth speakers in town, this is a portable wonder from Bose. 8 hours of battery and micro- USB support are the best specs we got on this.
  2. Skull candy Grind- Give daddy this ergonomic ear headphone with whopping sound at an inexpensive rate.
  3. Apple TV- If your dad is in love with live streaming, this is the gift to pick. And he will love it doubly if he is an Apple fan.


  1. Fire TV- A sure fire way to look up Amazon instant movies, dads will love this gift if you are on a budget.
  2. Nook GlowLight e-ink e-reader- If your father is an avid reader who loves making a collection, make sure you give him this. Touted as a tough competitor of the Kindle Paperwhite too!
  3. Seagate Seven Portable Drive- Thin on the wallet and high on memory with a sexy design, this is an apt choice for businessman dad.
  4. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760- The name says it all about why we consider this the best Father’s Day tech gift.
  5. JBL Flip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker- Another Bluetooth fed speaker on a budget, meant to make daddy groove.
  6. Sony MDR-7506 headphones- A classic pick that too on a budget under 100 dollars!
  7. Logitech Harmony 650- A mind-blowing remote that comes with easy to use buttons and with macro support.

Spoilt for choice, are you? We indeed are!

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Top 3 Apple Products Rumored To Launch In 2015

Apple is one name that continues to floor consumers and tech-experts around the world. With awesome products, better specs and classy offerings, each Apple product gets better. While we have already seen the Apple watch and the New Macbook arrive earlier this year, there are three products that we are anticipating during the coming months in 2015.

Top 3 Apple Products iPad at 12 inches: If rumors are to be believed, then Apple will soon release its iPad with a larger screen. With iPad sales having plummeted over the last few months, perhaps the rumored iPad Pro or the iPad Plus with 12+ inches screen size could change the game for Apple. Buzz is strong that this will be touted as a competitor to Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

Expected release date: 2015’s third quarter

Best rumor heard: The beefier iPad will be a collaboration product of IBM and the Cupertino giant.

 Apple TV: Apple might design and launch an internet based TV sometime this year. In fact, the makers are creating it to aid live as well as custom-based demand program streaming. Rumor mills point out that Apple’s TV will support video games and have an App store too.

Expected release date: End of 2015

Best rumor heard: Seems like Apple has got its design drafts ready but is currently finding it tough to get hands on the right content/cable partners.

iPhone 6c: If Apple’s tradition is some benchmark, then we will see a new iPhone in the coming months. However, it’s unlikely that the iPhone 7 will see the light of the day this year. However, rumors have it that they are working on a 4-inch iPhone 6 that would be released before the year ends. Note here that the iPhone 7 would come with inbuilt Beats Music App and see some suite improvement.

Expected release date: Last quarter of 2015.

Best rumor heard: iPhone 7 will come with a two-lens camera so it works like a DSLR grade camera.

Also Read: 4-inch iPhone 6c Leaks Suggest Rounded Corners With Plastic BodyRead the rest

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All You Want To Know About New Apple TV

It was initially rumored that US-based tech giant Apple was scheduled to update its Apple TV in January 2013, but that time has passed since long ago and since then there have been several rumors regarding is launch date, features and specifications.

Now, a majority of experts and people are of an opinion that the company will release the update in 2014. Similarly, others say that launch of the new Apple TV will not happen until 2015.

The company should update the current Apple TV as it was last updated in January 2013 with some minor changes, while the major update took place in March 2012. The Apple TV is equipped with the still in use A5 chip, 512MB RAM along with the video capabilities of 1080p. The device has a flash memory of 8GB along with dimensions of 10cm x 10cm.

Apple former CEO Steve Jobs was earlier quoted saying that “I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use. It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud. No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. It will have the simplest use interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”

It has been reported that Apple is presently is discussion with content providers to finalize deals that would enable users to see even more content on Apple’s new set-top box when it becomes commercially available. This is seen as a major reason behind the delay of the new Apple TV.

Martin Hajek, who gained prominence for creating concept images of the iPhone 6, has released several concept images of the Apple TV, including enhanced remote control. He also claimed that the Apple TV would measure 9.8 x 9.8 cm with a thinness of 1.67cm. He also said that the device would be available in grey, gold and silver color.

Hajek worked in association with German site, Curved.de to conceptualize the images of what they call the Apple TV Air. Curved.de claimed that the device would carry a price tag of nearly USD67.… Read the rest

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The Future of Television: Google Chromecast vs Roku vs Apple TV

With the accretion of internet, consumers want to access content anywhere anytime (HD videos, Facebook chats, Twitter feeds, Skype etc) and this has led tech giants like Google, Roku and Apple to concoct  avant-garde devices in the television space.andriod-based-TV

Google launched Google Chromecast, a dongle that plugs into your TV and lets you stream media from You Tube and Netflix directly. Controlled by iOS or an Android device, Chromecast is priced at $35 as compared to a price tag of $99 for its competitors, the Apple TV and the Roku set top box.

Brimming with an array of fun apps, this is a dream come true for Netflix and You Tube addicts (HBO and Hulu are coming soon). What really impresses in Google’s offering is that instead of a remote control (as in Apple TV and Roku) it can controlled by any Android or iOS device. However, unlike Apple and Roku, it doesn’t have specialized apps for varied content. 

Apple TV works in concurrence with U.S. professional baseball, hockey and basketball leagues where as Roku encompasses the widest no. of channels and has direct dealings with Amazon (AMZN) Instant Video, Wallmart’s (WMT) Vudu and other internet video services.  It is only the You Tube services which put Google Chromecast ahead of Roku (Apple TV has it). 

Take your pick  suiting as per your needs… Read the rest

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Apple TV, iOS 8, iWatch, iTV, iPhone 6 Release Date: What All Apple Will Offer in 2014?

Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple’s two trump cards are the iPad and the iPhone and certainly, no doubts exist about this. Also, with the release date of iPhone 6 drawing close, there is a lot of hype and buzz surrounding the specs and features of this much anticipated new iPhone from Apple. The iPhone 6, in all likelihood, will be launched a few months from now.

Also, there are rumors that Apple is now aggressively looking to foray into newer categories, preferably the phablet and might as well launch the iPhone 6 in two screen sizes. While one is expected to be a 4.5 inch screen device, the other, designed for the phablet category, will sport a screen of more than 5 inches or a 5 inch screen. Apple TV, digital media playing device from Apple is also likely to get some updates in the coming months, even though the small time frame indicates that Apple is not riding high on the TV and does not consider it to be a highly ambitious one as opposed to the new and upcoming iPhone 6. Rumors also suggest that Apple could launch the iOs 8, eighth gen OS very soon. … Read the rest

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CES 2014: iPhone 6 Enemy in Asus New 4, 5, and 6-inch Display Smartphones?

CES 2014In working for the gigantic occasion of CES 2014, which seems to occur in less than 2 weeks, ASUS released an amazing new video teaser on their YouTube account. The first video which the brand released was seen a few days ago hinted that ASUS was clueing some type of dual booting with the Windows and Android tablets

Now, they are again back with a new video, which has been titled as “What’s your number?” The video include balls that start falling from the top (sky) just like rain and for a small moment, the digits 4, 5 and 6 are seen on the screen. Few of the analysts believe it is a sign that ASUS hints the release of new smartphone line up with different screen sizes. The video just makes this sense seeking out the number tones that the balls lead when they hit the floor. You can check out the video for yourself too.

ASUS is all set to go live with their press event “In Search of Incredible” on the 6th of January on Monday at 12pm (PT) in India. The links display a countdown that has commenced already. Of course, the amalgamation of Windows and Android “Phandroid” will be served giving you hands-on whatever is declared, so just stay tuned.

This will surely be a new invention in the history of smartphones. However, the reactions of the people are still to be seen and known. The secret will be revealed in the coming New Year and all the phone aficionados are excited about the release and await impatiently for it. So, stay tuned for another new video release and look out for what ASUS has in store for us.… Read the rest

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CES 2014: iPhone6 vs iPhone 6 XL vs iPhone 6 mini; Who Will Beat Samsung?

Apple-OS-XThe CES 2014 or the International Consumer Electronic Show is just few days away from opening New Year technology celebration with the release of latest gadgets in the world. Fans are waiting for the release of new legendary handsets from Apple, Samsung and Sony. But what all will Apple showcase this year at CES 2014

Apple iPhone 6

Apple might showcase the iPhone 6 in the CE 2014. It still remains unclear whether it could be present in the upcoming CES event as the release date of the gadget has been marked in the summers. Speculations state that the new iPhone device will come in the month of June 2014. Analysts suggest that it will come in three sizes, iPhone 6 mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 XL. Thus, Apple is trying to create different sizes for one generation. The speculated functions include:

  • Near Field Communication
  • iOS 8
  • 128GB version
  • Gesture controlling home button
  • Eye tracking, supportive wireless charging
  • 4.8 inches IGZO and Retina
  • 1080 full HD resolution screen
  • Enhanced A7 processor

There are rumours that Apple could come up with iWatch and new Apple TV and it looks like 2014 could be seen in the year 2014. Apple could release larger iPad and even better Mac laptops. The first few months will be quiet for Apple at the CES 2014, but the coming March and April and the months beyond that will be surely be exciting for Apple as the company has a lot in store for its fans.  Will the iWatchfinally make its debut in the ear 2014? What all changes will the new iPad Air adorn and what will be the reaction of people for the dazzling new flagship release of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6.

However, right now we wait for the release of gadgets from Apple at the CES 2014

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