iPhone 6 Release Date: To Sport Killer Kinect Feature – Acquired Form Israel

 next flagship device from Apple will undoubtedly be the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is nearing the release date. Recent reports claim that this new device from Apple will feature gesture-detecting sensors much like that of Kinect controller of Xbox. Indeed, this has emerged as an alarming reality for the iPhone 6 since Apple has apparently acquired the firm that has built After iPhone 5S, the next flagship device from Apple will undoubtedly be the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is nearing the release date. Recent reports claim that this new device from Apple will feature gesture-detecting sensors much like that of Kinect controller of Xbox. Indeed, this has emerged as an alarming reality for the iPhone 6 since Apple has apparently acquired the firm that has built this cutting-edge technology.

If a recently released report from news major Reuters is to be believed then PrimeSense is an Israel-based chipmaker and it is one of the companies to have made it to Apple’s folio, . PrimeSense majorly develops three-dimensional sensors that find applications in mobile devices as well as home appliances. This has created a possibility that the gesture control feature will also make its way to the Apple TV, iPhones as well as iPads, particularly the next-generation models.

The deal between PrimeSense and Apple is pegged to be at a whopping 345 million dollars as per the report released by Reuters. Reuters pointed to Calcalist, Hebrew financial daily as its source for this new information.

Some other high-end devices also feature Kinect-like capabilities. 3D scanners are one of the advanced devices that use the Kinect-like capability and PrimeSense has a strong presence when it comes to developing such capabilities.

There is a high possibility that this advanced technology will be shifting to Apple from Microsoft at the beginning of the coming year. However, nothing has yet been confirmed by the tech giant, as well as by PrimeSense.

For now, it is clear that the PrimeSense buyout or the incorporation of gesture-control capabilities to the future devices of Apple are being viewed as mere rumors and speculations. It is also being stated that the acquisition is directed more towards the planned improvement for the Apple TV.


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Top 5 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 6 Release Would See it With Larger Display

The heat is raising as analyst smell the details of the next year release iPhone 6. We have already heard a lot about Apple making a move to larger screen with its new release. The few reasons that contribute to the larger display of iPhone 6 include:

  1. The intense competition has left no other option for the brand to raise its display size or rather stand out of the competition
  2. The iPhone 6 is a gigantic phone to be released in the coming year. After the 4 inch screen from the Apple, the next stage will be the similar handset that the company is planning to release.
  3. With a larger display, the phone will receive more demand as compared to its contemporaries. It will make sense for the phone to compete with HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z.
  4. The company has worked on the technicalities and worked on the Retina Display Full HD iPhone 6 large screen
  5. iPhone 6 possesses the skills to feature the best functionality that will make it a perfect option to work as a charmer for the new generation.
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The Debut of Debonair Apple iPhone 6 : Why We Expect a State of Art iPhone Against Samsung Galaxy S4?

The spotlight is on iPhone 6 as this would be the device that is supposed to change the game in favor of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Plenty of speculations are doing rounds in the techie world and expectations are high about the look of the Game-Changer.

It’s a do or die situation for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and if the device is not beyond the dreams of its fans and investors, neither of them would be the takers. Taking the example of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON: BC94) (KRX: 005930), the Galaxy S4 is not well received and investors are turning away. Some analysts consider that Apple’s stock price is actually being affected by Samsung’s slumping Galaxy S4 sales.

All the new smartphones in the market are not up to mark and only offering some upgrades here and there, not enough to attract buyers. An enterprising challenge for Apple lies ahead as the consumers are not satisfied with mere upgrades; rather they are waiting for an all new Apple this fall or next year.

We can only say that take your time but unveil something which is essentially state-of-the-art.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: With A Smaller Screen Size, How Would Apple Compete?

According to Glen Yeung, Citigroup’s analyst, the iPhone 5S will be unveiled in September to be followed by 4.8-inch iPhone 6 in Q1 of 2014. He further admitted with estimations by Wall Street that Apple is not willing to increase the screen size of iPhone this year.

Some display issues in iPhone 5S is likely to affect the production of this next-generation smartphone and will be responsible for any delay. However, the launch date is not going to be affected and only the volumes of handsets in the market will be consequently challenged as referred by Yeung.

Yeung also expects that iPad 5 would be similar to iPad Mini in all aspects other than its size and some prospect of a higher-end solution like the MS Surface Pro.

The research note by Yeung states about the possibility of a cheaper variant of the iPad Mini with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels at around $230 to $250 too.

Apple may not announce any hardware related launch other than a MacBook refresh as WWDC is around the corner, opinioned by Yeung, rather the company would like to focus on the iRadio to open up API to its developers.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Has A Class Appeal, Would The Class Apart Futuristic Apple iPhone 6 Connect With Samsung Enthusiasts ?

As good a year as 2012 was for Samsung, we can’t really say the same for its archrival Apple. Even though the two tech majors’ courtroom battle is nowhere nearing its end, in terms of sales and popularity however, Samsung did end up emerging as a clear winner. And 2013 also seems to be a promising year for Samsung, going by the way these past few months have been.

After the extremely successful launches of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung recently brought out its latest flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone which has captured a lot of media attention even before hitting the market. Of course, simultaneously, there have been a lot of expectant rumors around what Apple’s busy making in response to this latest gadget.

The iPhone 5 wasn’t received too well, and Apple has enough on its mind trying to ensure that it doesn’t end up losing precious market share when its successor comes out. But there’s also the iPad, which even though is still the most popular tablet in the world, is losing out to Android contenders that are offering much better specs at more reasonable rates.

While Apple’s immediate concern against Samsung is to bring out a good enough iPhone 6 which can possibly aim to try and compete with the Galaxy S4. And from the rumors we’ve heard, it’s going to be one hell of a fight between these two companies all over again. If the Galaxy S4 has eye tracking and floating touch features, the iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a wraparound display, making both these devices extremely futuristic. Against the more successful Galaxy Note 2, Apple’s planning to include a stylus-like accessory with its iPhone 6. But knowing Apple, the stylus can be expected to do a lot more than just be used as a pen for scribbling notes on the wraparound screen.

And then of course, there are rumors about the iWatch, which has been in the making for quite some time now. Of course, to make matters worse (yet again!) for Apple, Samsung has also decided to step into the game and has announced its intention to create a smart watch. Apple’s iWatch is expected to an iPhone that users can wear on their wrists and do everything and more than the iPhone. In addition to functioning as a smartphone, the iWatch is also expected to help monitor users’ health like other fitness wristbands in the market.

Sure, it sounds all fancy, but now that Samsung’s getting into this space, Apple better make the iWatch too extremely feature-packed to ensure that Samsung doesn’t steal the show again. Even though Samsung has had to shell out about $1 billion to Apple thanks to the patent infringement lawsuits, it has hit upon a winning formula – do what your competition’s doing, but better.

While Samsung’s got mass appeal, Apple’s always been considered a class apart. But maybe it’s time for Apple to step down from that high horse and connect with real people to increase their target market and make more sales. It’s not just about being innovative – make technology more accessible too. That’s where it has lost out to competitors so far.

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Apple Eyes A Retina+ Display- Sharp Move To Get HD Onto Apple iPhone 6 To Get Lead Against Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple seems wary of rivals—Samsung and HTC, now. Why so, you ask? With the latter making a splash in the world of smartphones, Apple cannot afford to sit on a throne that is now slipping onto quicksand ground! What better way to secure a stronger ground than focus on improving its specs. That is exactly what Apple is geared up for with the iPhone 6. We have tapped a number of rumor mills to arrive at a belief that the iPhone 6 shall come propped and prepped with an amazing Retina display. Add to this, Baby 6 might have multiple prototypes.

The planned Retina+ HD feature might be Apple means to skip the chances of screen fragmentation.

In further depth, the rumor stands on these lines. The iPhone 6 display might belong to the Retina+ Sharp IGZO category. Rewinding back to the CES 2013, Sharp’s IZGO display smartphone wowed us all with its 5-inch width and 720P HD resolution.

Now talks are on between Apple and Sharp for the retina foray in 2014.This would result in more power efficiency and enhanced responsiveness. What more, you might just be able to get a pencil work on the Apple iPhone 6!

While the screen size Apple is planning for its iPhone 6 is not clear, we anticipate the giant to pay it safe with two sizes—large and small. However, Apple has always believed that 4-inch is the ideal screen size for a smartphone. However, with titans such as Samsung breathing onto its neck, Apple could very well change its mind.… Read the rest

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With The Mercury Rising To Exotic Levels, Apple iPhone 6 Coming To beat Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z?

The release date of the Apple iPhone 6 is one of the most awaited moments in media circles and among those waiting for the next generation iPhone. Well, even though we are ready to welcome the next launch from the world of Apple, we are still uncertain about its name .Will it be called the iPhone 6 after the name of iPhone 5?

Even as we expect further hardware upgrades but the same design—a la iPhone 4S and the iPhone 3GS, we can only wait for more concrete information on its name, price, features and date of launch. With the mercury rising to unprecedented levels, the competition is getting all the more tensed amongst the rival smart phones like the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 3GS.

Bigwigs from Apple seem to be holding their cards close to their chest and this in turn is giving rise to media speculations and rumors. So, do we await the iPhone 5S in place of the iPhone 6?  To add to the speculations, some smart phone watchers are also predicting the launch of a cost effective model, a mini version or one that will be offered in a plastic casing.

However, we would wait for the iPhone 6 announcement in the month of September –while for others we circle the month of March. The venue would most probably be the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC)… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Wit Of Apple 3D Video Call To Finish The Beloved Galaxy Legacy

Apple seems to have started its ascent to the top—once again. The latest live 3D video calls patent and technology from Apple can just prove to be the much needed “killer feature” which helps it restore its position as the leader in the industry. The patent for Augmented Reality (AR), was received by Apple on Tuesday, March 19.

Apple is all set to unveil the striking 3D video call facilities for the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S. This new addition is expected to provide competition to the Samsung’s Galaxy S4—in more ways than one. This new 3D video call technology of Apple iPhone 6, allows its users to view information on various subjects and objects through the Augmented Reality technology of the display.

3D video call technology is likely to be included in its iPhone 6 and 5S phone along with the iPad as well—making it an important part of Apple’s future. The distinctive features of this unique technology include Object Identifying, Distance Learning, Vehicle Application, Medical Application (aided by patient recognition) and Video Information Sharing.

According to officials—the patent for 3D video calls will help users get access to information layer and the live video which can be shared and integrated via communication linking with the other devices.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Apple iPhone 6: All This To Bolt Out Apple From The Game


Samsung is basking in the glory of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is expected that 100 million units of phone would be sold.  Still it is being said by analysts that Samsung is playing by the rule book of Apple. However we are hearing that Samsung Galaxy S5 would shift entirely the way the Samsung Galaxy  series is perceived.

According to one of the analysts in 2014 with the advent of Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung will steal the top slot from Apple.

“Right now that is where it is stuck [under Apple]. With Apple’s form factor and Apple’s design language, chipping away and trying to make a good iPhone, iPad-like product,” wrote Haydn Shaughnessy, who spoke with analyst Jefferson Wang of the consulting firm IBB for an article in Forbes.

“Samsung is probably taking its last steps in Apple’s shadow,” he added. “In 2014 it will transform the computing and online experience, in a way that is unique to its own vision. Critics who think it lacks vision need to think again.”

According to Shaughnessy  in Samsung future plans there is a place for innovative screen technology which might be bendable  and there are possibilities for a new operating system ‘Tizen ‘.

Apple has not been able to seduce people since the first generation Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, may be after such innovative products the expectations from Apple have gone a little higher. While Samsung has played the move with Samsung Galaxy S4, now what remains to see is whether Apple with iPhone 6 would defeat Samsung or would go back and rest in the box.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5: The Big Fat Entertaining Features Pushes To Take Hard Look At Apple

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has captured the attention of the media and Smartphone lovers alike – taking the limelight away from the Apple iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 6

Apple—the core rival and competitor of the flagship products from the House of Samsung is taking the accolades with a pinch of salt. With the buzz focusing on the descriptions and pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4—the Apple IPad and iPhone are certainly playing second fiddle in the world of gadgets and hi-tech wireless devices.

Well, the retaliation from Apple was predictable. A new page featured on its website proclaims—”There’s iPhone and then there’s everything else”. Well, the iPhone surely helps you do many things –in an easy and simple way. However, media releases from Apple are now bragging about the JD Power and Associates awards in its bag (ever since 2007) and the heights of customer satisfaction to its credit. With its well crafted design, Retina display, 4G LTE connectivity and 326ppi pixel density on the coveted Apple iPhone 5—it now wants to establish itself as the forerunner in the industry.

With Samsung expecting a whooping sales figure of over 100 million units of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the upcoming months—Apple is indeed feeling threatened.… Read the rest

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