How to Make Smartphones Lighter: Samsung Graphene Breakthrough Could Pave Way For Lighter, Flexible Devices

Korean giant Samsung has finally announced that it has met success to an extent in making graphene. This spells chances that smartphones and gadgets in the future could be more flexible.

How to Make Smartphones Lighter?samsung galaxy s5 release date

With this latest breakthrough, carbon atoms stand densely clubbed in a latticed hexagon on lines of honeycomb.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has collaborated with Sungkyunkwan University and is now numero uno to have utilized method for synthesis for graphene production. This could mean a deal breaker for use on semi conductors.

Samsung’s breakthrough will now make the entire process easier. Graphene, in this stage could bring about better heat conductance ratio and flexibility for use on semi conductors, chipsets and the likes.

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After Apple iPhone 6: Apple & Samsung May Join Hands to Make A9 Chip in 2015

In a recent report surrounding Apple and Samsung, the speculations indicate towards a deal the two companies signed to manufacture A-series chips for the former’s iOS devices. The agreement will particularly cover A9 chips based on a 14-nanometer process node, opening in 2015.

However, the news follows Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) report, authenticating the deal it signed with the Cupertino Calif.-based firm to make A-series chips next year. This three-year deal is reported to cover Apple’s future A8, A9 and A9X chips.

Certain reports hint at Samsung being Apple’s primary supplier during the next year as TSMC has increased its production process.

Nevertheless, fact whether Apple’s A9 chips will be produced by TSMC or Samsung stays unclear. Considering the rivalry and competition, it looks like Apple  after the release of Apple iPhone 6 doesn’t want to stay reliant on Samsung as its component supplier.

With partnerships with both TSMC as well as Samsung, it seems Apple just wants to take advantage of whichever firm offers the best in technology.

However, with this current report, it appears like Samsung is trying to move ahead of Apple by taking the lead of producing 14-nm chips.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 928 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: To Tower The Moguls, Nokia Needs to Get Aggresive

Nokia finally showcased its two new high end smartphones, the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 928, in its Windows Phone 8 lineup.  The phones look good, are feature rich and powerful, but if they really want to tower over Apple’s and Samsung’s offerings, Nokia really needs to work on an aggressive PR strategy to spread the word.

The Galaxy S4 has recently hit the markets and Samsung’s been marketing the phone real hard so it can go on to become as successful as the Galaxy S3. And even though Apple is yet to confirm the next-gen iPhone, rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5S/6 are doing the rounds of the tech community every single day.

When you look at the Lumia range, you can see just how hard Nokia has worked on each and every device. The Lumia range provides a great Windows Phone experience, but even then, it accounts for a very small share of the smartphone market, which is dominated by Android and iOS.

However, Nokia has admitted the need for an aggressive marketing campaign and has promised something spectacular over the coming weeks. A good start is its commercial which shows Apple and Samsung fans coming to blows at a wedding while Lumia users sit all smug watching them. But that’s not enough to get the world to start talking about the new Lumia smartphones.… Read the rest

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