Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Beats Apple iPad 4 To Lead The Tablet War Movie, Microsoft Surface Pro, Kindle Fire Add Spunk As Supporting Cast

Turning the clock back by few hands, I remember being left with the Apple iPad  as a feasible choice for a sleek sexy tablet to garb. Coming back to the present– I am almost flooded with choices as diverse as the colors on earth. Samsung is oozing glamour with its … Read the rest

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Bad News For Google Nexus 7: Apple iPad Mini And Amazon Kindle Fire Sold More Units In 2012

The world loved the Google Nexus 7 when it first came out, and sure enough, the tablet did set the cash registers ringing. But looks like Google’s luck ran out pretty soon. According to industry analyst Benedict Evans, Apple’s iPad Mini and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD managed to sell more … Read the rest

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Kids’ Content Service on Amazon’s Kindle at Price of $4.99

New York: Leading online marketplace is launching a subscription service for children’s games, videos and books. With this service, Amazon is targeting kids so they use more Kindle Fire tablet devices. This service will allow kids to watch, play and read a variety of content available on Amazon. Better … Read the rest

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The 7 Inch Tablet Market All Set To Get A New Entrant: The Apple iPad Mini Production Starts

Widespread reports of Apple starting the mass production of its iPad Mini is hitting the web, leaving all Apple fans waiting for its launch. This smaller version of the iPad will be cheaper than its predecessor, which has a 9.7-inch screen.

The iPad Mini will … Read the rest

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Amazon Has No Plans to Take on Apple’s iPad. Read On Why…

Not a 10-inch model as speculated, but Amazon plans to uncover two models of 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets, Sep. 6th!

Counter to the rumors of hitting directly at Apple with a bigger version of Kindle, Amazon will reportedly unveil two 7-inch Kindle Fire models at its media event … Read the rest

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