PS5 Blu-Ray Player Beats Xbox Series X

PS5 Blue Ray

 Its official, PS5 has better 4K quality. Vincent Teoh, an audio-visual geek famous for his YouTube channel HDTVTest, recently conducted a detailed comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X, and found Sony’s PS5 Blu-Ray player is a better console.

PS5 Blu-Ray Player Advantages

In his video, Vincent compared several different aspects of which colour gradation was the main one. He said, “While casual viewers will still be satisfied with the 4K HDR presentation from the Xbox Series X, when watching Ultra HD Blu-Rays, the Sony PlayStation 5 simply delivered superior colour gradation.” He also added that Sony’s console also produced “less pasteurization, higher chroma bandwidth with less roll-off, as well as glitch-free 24 FPS output.”

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Colour Gradations

The comparison points that the PS5 displays smoother colour gradation using colour ramps. This means that a 4K movie on a PS5 will have more colour depth than on the Xbox Series X, which means that colours will also appear smoother and less dark in certain situations. According to him, PS5 outputs at YCbCr 12-bit colour depth compared to the Xbox Series X’s 10-bit RGB. Even if Xbox is forced to up its colour depth, it would default back down without explanation. 


Vincent, in his video, also talks about the Blu-ray discs displaying at 24 frames-per-second, as opposed to the more standard 23.976 FPS. The difference is small but significant. The PS5 plays both frame rates smoothly, switching between the frame rates as a Blu-ray film demands. The Xbox Series X appears to always default to the 23.976 frame rate. This means that movies playing at pure 24fps will actually skip a frame every 42 seconds.

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PS5 Blu-Ray Player avoids occasional FPS hitches during playback and delivers better colours overall, thus making great use of the detail implanted in ultra HD 4K Blu Rays.

Less Chroma Bandwidth

Microsoft’s powerhouse doesn’t have the capacity to display 12-bit colour, leading to less chroma bandwidth when compared with PS5 Blu-Ray Player. This fault does result in slightly lower quality picture which is almost imperceptible to the average viewer.

Now, while the difference is too subtle for most people to notice, the improved 4 Blu-Ray playback can be enough to tempt buyers.

New Games

The PS5 has launched some exclusive games, including Spider-Man Miles Morales and a revamped version of Dark Souls for players to enjoy. Xbox gamers, on the other hand, have a new Halo title to look forward to later this year.

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