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Does Your Android Phone Need An Antivirus App?

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Here is what you need to know.

The palm-sized device “mobile phone” has become a lifeline. And it is often handled with care in order to increase it’s life span. Especially if one is an android phone user, the concern is higher. Android phone you are often seen downloading antivirus applications to protect the phone from viruses. But does your Android phone need an Antivirus App?

Read ahead to know more about it.

What is virus?

In simple terms, virus is a kind of code or program which is malicious. This kind of malware can steal the information available on your device, can send SMS from your phone regarding higher tax services. It can also Install adware in Android phone which will force the user to watch unwanted pages or download app.

How do Android Phones get virus?

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The reality and danger of viruses can not be neglected. Viruses are a threat to any device. But a question often rises in our mind that how do Android phones get virus. It has a simple answer that Android runs on open source code. On the contrary, Apple’s operating system runs on closed source code. It means that iOS owners are not able to revise or reshape the code. Whereas Android OS owners have access to modify the code. They can adjust the code or settings accordingly. And sourcing apps from developers make it less secure and susceptible to malware.

Do you need Antivirus App for Android phone?

It is true that viruses exist. But Android smartphones have all the required features to keep the phone away from viruses. However it depends on the way device is being used.

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When do you need antivirus app on Android phone

It has been stated that  Android phones are designed the way that these is no need for an antivirus app on your phone. Still it is recommended having antivirus app in certain situations.

Here is when your Android phone needs an Antivirus app

  • Downloading apps
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Smartphones is nothing without applications. And everyone keeps downloading different applications. Installing apps from Google Play Store is considered the safest but if there is a possibility of downloading apps from other sources, an Antivirus App will prevent Android phone from unwanted viruses.

  • Rooting

Rooting Android phone can give freedom but becomes a path to threat attacks. Virus scanners can assist you through any security deterioration caused by rooting

  • Using device for work purpose

If your Android phone is being used for work purpose, a lot of personal information or confidential details would be stored. And no one would afford to lose such information. Here, Antivirus software can prove to be a life saver.

  • Fear of losing device

Antivirus softwares are developed in a way that a device can be tracked if lost. Not only that, owner of Android phone can lock wanted information and can wipe confidential data if needed.

Does Your Android Phone Need an Antivirus App 2

Tips to avoid harm

Some tips are being presented in order to take phone security game a level ahead. You will not be needing Antivirus app on your Android with a small amount of awareness

  • System Updates

Keeping system and security updated can prevent viruses. Updating Android device will not only increase performance but will also update security features. It is to be reckoned that Antivirus app wouldn’t be needed

  • Don’t enter suspicious websites

Surfing through internet has become part of daily life. We go through a number of websites. Many of those are not official or authentic. Do not enter a website if it is suspicious.

  • App permission

Third party apps are not always authentic. While installing application, keep an eye on the permissions that app is asking for.

It is not conclusive to have an Antivirus app on your Android phone. Androids basically do not require antivirus app but it depends on the purpose of using particular handset. If there is confidential information, an Antivirus will be more important because of the security reasons. However if there is no such reason, you do need an Antivirus app on your Android phone.

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