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Exclusive: TT Tries to See How Rootin Will Help Commuters

Rootin product head Akshat Bansal tells us how Rootin will make the life of daily commuters easy.

John McAfee Points Ashley Madison Hacking Was An Insider Job And It Was A Woman

John McAfee recently pointed out in a post on the IB Times that the Ashley Madison hacking was the job of a lone woman employee.

Why Windows 10 Will Mean More To Business Users

Business owners are going to get lucky with the Windows 10 set to release on July 29, 2015. How does Windows 10 benefit business users?

The Net Neutrality Debate: Larger Than You Thought

By Prajakt RautSure, we are all in favor of Net Neutrality and agree that it needs to be maintained. However, like all big issues,...

Apple Might Release iPhone 7 In 2016; Some Probable Phone Specs

Apple has always enjoyed popularity due to its ability to roll out iPhone versions from time to time. While there have been goof ups,...

Infosys To Evaluate Employees To Stay Valued Employer

Staff appraisal practice is soon to begin in Infosys. The company is likely to follow the trend set by Google and Facebook and will...

Constraints Of Cost, Features Could Cost Wearable Technology Dearly

The battle in the wearable technology market is warming up. Samsung has taken a lead in this league with its Galaxy Gear smart watch....

Snapchat Update To Bring In News Content And Sell Ads

Snapchat, the mobile app for vanishing messages, is scheduled to soon start a service that will feature disappearing TV and movie clips, news articles...

Google Adds New Feature to Its Kitty: To Notify of Product Availability You Searched Online

Google has expanded its offering with the addition of another feature related to the product searches you do online. The feature enables Google to...

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Intel Launches New Graphics Designer Version For Windows 10

Intel announced a new graphics designer version with its latest upgrade for Windows 10. Moreover, the new version will also include...

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