4 Useful Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs


Smart kitchen appliances are a great way to save time. They are also a great way to make complicated recipes from global cuisines. Busy couples are always constrained for time. So kitchen devices that can save time while allowing them to make great food are a perfect investment. That’s why we are always looking for useful kitchen gadgets.

Cooking dinner from scratch is a tedious task. Imagine going through the whole process of chopping, grating, and cooking after a long commute from work. Well, there’s good news.

Kitchen equipment manufacturers and technology companies have made life easier with some useful kitchen gadgets. These must-have useful kitchen gadgets are life saviors. They can help even the less talented cooks, create good dishes.

Monitors and Alarms

First thing’s first. Stay safe. Many women might be tempted to buy smart cooking systems and dishwashers first. But, before anything else, you should install the smart safety equipment to avoid mishaps. It is better to be safe than sorry. Things can go wrong while you are cooking or even when you are away. These smart monitors and alarms act as an extra set of eyes in your kitchen. They can send you alerts in case they detect any danger.

kitchen Onelink smart detector

You can install smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which will send you alerts if either of them rises to worrisome levels. The apps will also alert the other authorized individuals like friends or neighbors to take care of the situation when you might be away from home.

Top 3 monitors and alarms for your homes:

  • SimpliSafe: SimpliSafe is one of the best investments you can make for the security of your home. It is also a useful kitchen security system. You can connect it to Alexa for convenience. Mobile app controls are also available.
  • FirstAlertOneLink: Apple compatible, this useful kitchen gadget comes with a dual sensor for smoke detection.
  • Minut Point Smart Home Alarm: Advanced technology alarm holds the power to detect movement, noise, and temperature. The advantage is, it is compatible iOS and Android Smartphone app as well.

Cooking Devices

Cook like a top chef by investing in useful kitchen gadgets everyone needs.  If you love cooking and technology, it is ideal to invest in smart kitchen gadgets. Smart cooking devices add high-tech convenience to your gastronomic repertoire. These devices will not only add convenience but can make cooking at home a lot more fun. Multi-purpose devices take off the burden from your hands and allow you to cook with ease.

Top 3 cooking devices, which work like magic:

  • Smart suos-vide devices
  • Smart ovens
  • Smart devices for baking

Sous-vide devices

Traditional cooking techniques don’t allow you to have much control over heat and temperature. So, it is usually not possible for somebody to consistently cook great food every day. With limited control over the temperature, your dishes can get overcooked or end up being undercooked on the inside.

Courtesy: sousvideguy.com

Smart Sous-Vide cooking devices allow you to cook delicious food by maintaining a water bath at a precise temperature. Moreover, keeping food in vacuum-sealed bags while cooking helps to retain all the nutrients and get the right flavor and texture. It enables you to cook restaurant like food in your home every day. This also allows you the flexibility to manage other works while cooking without the fear of spoiling your meal.

Smart Ovens

Now you can choose from a range of smart ovens that are multifunctional and also include several cooking recipes and in-built programs for guaranteed success. Most smart ovens, these days have an automatic pyrolytic cleaning function which burns off any food residues that might get stuck to its walls. After it cools down to normal temperature, you can simply wipe off the dust and burnt residues. Many smart ovens can also replace your other conventional kitchen appliances such as convection, air fryer, toaster, dehydrator, broiler, warming drawer, and slow cooker.

Smart Devices for Baking

Though everyone seems to love cakes and pastries, getting things right while baking is never an easy task, especially for an amateur. You can choose from a range of smart baking devices that can help you weigh each ingredient with precise accuracy and timers to guide you at each step of the baking process to ensure great results.

Smart Flatware and Utensils

If you are a fitness freak or on a mission to lose some extra kilos, these smart utensils are for you. These devices can help you be more mindful of what you are eating and drinking. Hapifork can help you to eat food at the right speed by gently reminding you whenever you are eating food too quickly. Additionally, you can also use Vessyl to eliminate those extra beverage calories from your diet to manage your weight. It allows you to keep a tab on your caffeine intake, total calories consumed through your drinks and hydration level.

Top 3 utensils worth your investment

  • Wemo Wifi-Enabled Crock-Pot – Connect this smart cooker with your wifi, and control the cook time and temperature from the mobile app.
  • Barroder Multi Tool -Smart Kitchen Utensils – Use this multi-purpose tool to crush fruits, spices, or even to open wine bottles. It is an effective tool create beautiful garnishes for your cocktails as well.
  • PowerGrip Kitchen Scissors – A scissor for every task. The multi-purpose scissor has integrated thumb grip for two-handed use especially when you need that extra power to cut through chicken bones, wooden skewers or tough strings.

Nutritionists and health advocates have started walking away from using microwaves and non-stick pans. They highly advocate the use of traditional cooking pans. Microwave cooking not only decreases the nutrient content in the food but also makes it dry and tasteless. There are several studies claiming that microwave cooking can cause cancer and thus advice to use it only for a limited period.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators offer efficiency and convenience. With the capabilities to make life much easier, smart refrigerators come with temperature controls and bells and whistles to communicate with other smart-home appliances. Not only do they keep food fresh for longer, they also keep the bacteria away. Although, smart refrigerators seem expensive but are indeed a wise investment and great value for money.  

Top 3 smart refrigerators:

  • GE Cafe Smart French Door Refrigerator
  • Kenmore Smart French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE Profile PFE28PBLTS

GE Cafe Smart French Door Refrigerator – A true game changer, the GE Café Smart French Door Refrigerator is a must for all coffee lovers. It has a pre-installed Keurig single-serve brewer right into their refrigerator. 

Kenmore Smart French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator – All thanks to the Kenmore Smart app and Genius Cool technology, you can now make sure your food stays at a safe temperature. You can connect the smart-fridge with Alexa and command it to activate the ice maker, and also to control the temperature accordingly.

GE Profile PFE28PBLTS – With its ability to hold huge capacity, the smart refrigerator comes with ones with two evaporators to generate separate, optimized temperatures in the fresh food compartment as well as in the freezer.

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Invest in useful kitchen gadgets to make life easier and cooking a happier experience. Order them now and save yourself from the annoyance of mundane tasks. We sincerely hope these effort and time-saving gadgets and tools will keep your kitchen in order.

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