How to Hack An Android Phone? 193 Ways Belong to Hackers


Google is planning to release Android 10 – Q version soon. The tenth version is the latest upgrade the tech giant has in store. Google has 2.5 billion Android users and the newest Android version is a much-required one. The company believes that with this upgrade it will be able to tackle the vulnerabilities and serve the users better. It’s easy to find how to hack an Android phone with a simple search online. Clearly, this must be an easy trick for most expert hackers.

Android 10 will give more control to users regarding the data and apps’ capabilities. However, the company has still not been able to resolve the known 193 security vulnerabilities. Google is hopeful that, with the release of Android 10, the company will be able to patch all these security lapses.

Android 10 security vulnerabilities

Termed as moderate severity, the known 193 security vulnerabilities of Android range from remote code execution, information disclosure, Android runtime to denial of service categories. All these issues can serve as an advantage for hackers as these make it easier to pass through the security gates.

According to Google, it is important for all users to upgrade to the latest version. It stated,” “Exploitation for many issues on Android is made more difficult by enhancements in newer versions of the Android platform.”

Google has also added some new changes to the Google App Store. It is now mandatory for all apps to wait for a minimum of 3 days to get an official approval before getting it published on the App store. All the Androids will go through “closed alpha review” until a final nod is received from Google. This is done solely to protect the users and to ensure the apps are well-checked before uploading them on Google Play.

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As Android apps are one of the main sources of malware infection, the new policy makes it difficult for mischievous Android apps to make their way into Google Play. This makes it even easier for people who know how to hack an Android phone. The mountain-view company has included several new security and privacy features in Android 10 to serve users better and more efficiently.

Apple is Not Left Behind

In 2015, Apple has successfully removed hundreds of apps from the App Store after learning about the presence of malicious program – XcodeGhost. To kickbutt Apple functioning, the company removed all the apps that were created via XcodeGhost, which has affected users in China and even in the US.

To make sure there are no malicious viruses entering the IoS device, Apple has recently announced a price worth than $1m for ethical hackers if they are able to responsibly reveal any security vulnerability noted. The company has also stretched rewards for hackers if they are able to disclose bugs in watchOS, iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

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