Is Nokia Lumia 920 More Innovative Than Apple iPhone 5?


Stephen Elop, the Nokia Boss has revealed that his company will be coming up with some “”beautiful phones still ahead”. This revelation was made in a recent interview on Finnish TV along with an action which may rake a storm in the world of telecommunications—he flung the interviewer’s iPhone to the floor.

The act was a reaction to the presenter saying that he owned an iPhone. The CEO retorted, “Oh, how embarrassing. I can take care of that right here”—and chucked the handset from Apple away.

Well, even as the unfortunate iPhone took the hit on the studio’s floor—Nokia has failed to make the impact with its own models. With new handsets from the company offering more substance than style, the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 have failed to match the products of Samsung, Apple and HTC rivals.

The presenter was persistent in his queries regarding the existence, design and features of the Lumia 928—without much avail. Stephen managed to move away the attention from the handsets of the future and kept the limelight on the promotion of the budget Lumia 620.

We still have to wait for these “beauties” from Nokia – which are expected to create the grounds for that much needed comeback for the company.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Who Proves Its Prowess In The Smartphone Market?



The reports are out folks! The giants have indeed proved their prowess in the smartphone market. Simply put—Samsung and Apple have, in unison made 103 per cent of the net profits in the niche, for the year 2012. Apple grabbed a whopping 69 per cent profit share while Samsung got about 35 per cent share in the total profit kitty for the market.


Meanwhile, players like once-huge Nokia, HTC and Motorola saw dripping rates varying between the negative mark to 2 per cent.


Industry insiders have by now gauged that the game is yet to change anytime soon and with the tracks that Apple and Samsung has treaded on, they alone look to reign the race to the crown.… Read the rest

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