Coming Soon to Your TVs’: YouTube Movie Rentals

Working on for a transition, YouTube is in talks to launch VOD-style movie rentals on TVs and connected devices by the end of 2012. YouTube plans to be a full run TV network and become a favorite destination of users for movies.

Owned by Google, YouTube is a famous video service provider.

In an announcement made by YouTube hardware partner TPVision, the firm is in plans to add a premium component to its TV application on various Smart TV platforms.

Now with just connecting TVs to YouTube, users will get access to movie rentals easily.

TPVision said that the service of YouTube Rentals will be offered in selected European countries by the end of 2012. TPVision also said that “Philips Smart TV will be among the first TV platforms” to provide access to these rentals.

No comment has been made from YouTube as yet.

Earlier this summer, YouTube added rentals to its Google TV app, but VOD wasn’t available on any other TV platform before.

YouTube movie rentals service on Google TV is also limited to the users in the US. This move seems to be an initiative by YouTube to compete with other VOD services such as VUDU, Amazon Instant, or Blockbuster.

If YouTube goes this way, it could increase its ad-supported content, which already has feature-length movies and various professionally-produced shows.

Will this service get YouTube more users? Share your comments with us.… Read the rest

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HDMI: From Spoilt Nights to Being Spoilt for Choices

It’s been a fun night. You’ve had your friends over for dinner. You’ve laughed and joked and partaken of the libations (seriously, no fun without an odd tipple or two) and now you want to retire with a nice movie.  But as it often happens, there’s no consensus on the film to be watched. There are only so many DVDs/ Blue Rays one can rent or buy for such an occasion and none of them feel right. Then it strikes you. You have many more movies and shows stored in your laptop or desktop, but suddenly your Eureka moment is rudely interrupted with images of you and your friends huddling over the solitary laptop, craning your necks in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the actress obscured by the silhouette of a fellow enthusiastic film aficionado. Dejected, you resign yourself to a night dictated by the choices offered by the TV channels. These choice however, are nothing much to speak of and with the censor board’s paranoia, the best dialogues and scenes (wink wink) are bowdlerized mercilessly. In short, it promises to be an anti climactic end to a hitherto perfect night.

Does this not strike you as familiar? If it does, then you must appreciate the topic in focus as much as I do. No longer does your glorious collection of movies and music (let us steer clear of the source of such an indubitable treasure) need to be relegated to your laptop or smart phone. Now you can simply connect your laptop with a compatible television and banish the trials of old. The method used to facilitate this work of magic is called HDMI.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and it is a compact audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital audio/video data from a HDMI-compliant device to a compatible digital audio device, computer screen, video projector, and digital TV. A digital audio/video source for HDMI can include a HDMI-compliant set top box, HD DVD player, DVD player, AVCHD camcorder, Blue Ray Disc player, PCs, video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, tablet PCs, and smart phones.

HDMI, in a proper setup, can make much difference in the home theater system experience. The presently available HDMI can carry 1080p high definition signals and supports eight channels of uncompressed audio which is enough to support a 7.1 surround sound system.

For all the myriad benefits the HDMI promises, it is still dependent on the use of cables, which let’s face it, is a right old bother. So as with all technology, HDMI runs the risk of being rendered obsolete due to it not being wireless compatible yet. Alternatives such as Bluetooth compatible TVs and external hard drives are already proving to be a decent, if not fledgling alternative.

In the present, however, HDMI compatible TVs and laptops have proven to be a personal boon for the likes of me. If you are one of those who is certain that he has the best taste in shows, movies and music, HDMI proves to be an excellent enabler for the “cultural education” of your mates.

So the next time you have a get together and can’t decide on a movie, remember to show a bit of gratitude for that innocuous looking HDMI cable that enables you to be as picky as you please.… Read the rest

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