7 Stylish Headphones for Women

Let’s face it – most headphones are engineered for men! We aren’t being sexist here, but this is a fact. From their fit to the size to the look, a majority of headphones are designed to fit on men’s’ heads.

However, in the last few years, there’s been arevolutionary rise in production ofstylish headphones and earphones designed especially for women who are concerned about the artistry of the design and sound.

Here are 7 headphones designed for women exclusively:

 1. Yurbuds Inspire (starting from $39.99)

Yurbuds are a perfect option for the earbuds of female athletes. The headphones come with smaller buds that can fit the average female ear.Each set of earphones offers comfort with a seamless fit and unmatchable music experience.

254777_30543_XL 2. Sol Republic Headphones ($99.99)


Portable enough to be tossed in your purse or gym bag, Sol Republic headphones have become the top choice of women these days.

These durable headphones havean indestructible headband that comes in eight shades. Manufacturers also offer the color choice for the detachable cables including red, black, white, purple, blue, grey, pink and orange. The headphones are interchangeable, comfortable and lightweight. The “Sound Engines” are optimized for clear sound definition, vocals and deep bass.

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3. X-1 Momentum Sport In-Ear Bud ($29.99)

These headsets have been designed based on the motto -“Pink it and shrink it.”The method of “shrinking” applies well to the X-1; however the gender stereotype colorway has been put to end, which is a welcome change. Their bright teal and white braided cord is fashionable as well as functional. Plus, these are sweat proof to be used during workouts.


 4. Molami Twine ($200)

Twine is a silk-satin headpiece inspired by comfortable headbands and offers a unique listening experience to the listener. The speaker bands are adjustable and can be moved up and down. The open-sound design enhances different tones in music.

7795c8baaf295554096e5292092f94a85. Urbanears Plattan ( Price $59.99)

These amazing earphones are gaining widespread popularity because of their adaptability. The smaller design is its plus point that makes it customizable to fit to a woman’s cranium. It comes with a structuredesigned to fit to the ears. In addition, you get a spectrum of bright colors to choose from. Also, the quality material used in its design makes them worth the investment.


6. Denon Excercise Freak Headphones (Price 149.99)

Engineered for active women, exercise freak headphones by Denon are extremely comfortable and stay up securely on the ears. Denon established slight differences between men and women after taking molds of 4,000 pairs of ears. These Bluetooth sports headphones aresweat-proof and comes with four pairs of anti-microbial ear tips to offer maximum hygiene.


7. SkullCandy Fix In-Ear Headphones ($69.95)

SkullCandylaunches its amazing set of Fix In-Ear Headphones for women. The headphones are a perfect in fit to the ear’s natural curves. Designed in lightweight injected plastic, these headphones offer long-lasting comfort foractive women.



Simply plug-in to your ears and enjoy the rhythm. Why should boys have all the fun?









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Apple iPhone’s Hidden Features Revealed

Apple iPhone has always maintained an unfazed popularity in the market, despite  the competition posed by different smartphone manufacturers. Now, it appears that the iPhone lovers have more reason to rejoice as some hidden features of this new phone have recently come into notice.

Useful features on Apple iPhone that users often miss Snap pictures with headphones

Taking a picture with the iPhone placed on a tripod has become much easier now with the official headphone of Apple. Just press the volume-up button for a moment and it will snap pictures using the camera app. Pictures can also snapped by pressing the volume buttons located at the iPhone’s side.

 HDR photo

Hit the HDR button after opening the camera app and take better quality images. By putting on the HDR mode, you will get three copies of the same image and can store the one that you find the best. It is excellent for pictures taken in low lights.

Shake and undo

To undo a typed message or mail, just shake the iPhone and get the Undo option. This works with default apps, mails as well as imessage.

Read receipt

Now, allow your friends to know, when you read their messages by checking on the Send Read Receipt option under the Message settings.

Text Message Alert

 Now, use LED flash of your iPhone for alerting about incoming message if you think that the chime or vibration is not good enough. LED flash option is there in the Accessibility menu of the phone.

 Keyboard shortcut

Now, get customized shortcuts for the phrases, words or email addresses you frequently use in your phone. To create, just go to Keyboard settings from General and then Add New Shortcut. 

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Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here and you might just be wondering what to get dad for under $100! Well with the rocker techie things available today, why worry much?  Check out these ultra cool gifts under your budget line that will make daddy happy and beaming.

Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father's DayBose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker- One of the bestest Bluetooth speakers you can get hands on, this model is compact and portable too. More so, it comes from Bose. Run it on battery for close to 8 hours or snip in and drive via its micro- USB.

Fire TV- If daddy is a movie buff, then this device to watch out great Amazon instant movies could fit into your budget and Father’s Day easily.

Seagate Seven Portable Drive- Let your dad store all his movies, music and more! The design is sleek and your dad can carry it easily without ado too.

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones– A wow option for those daddies who like to plug in to movies or con calls. Well under your budget, the sound quality is amazing to say the least.

Logitech Harmony 650– easy on the pocket and easily pocketable too, this remote is inbuilt with macro support. Compact and easy to hook up, dad will love this gift no doubt.

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