Apple iPhone 5S May Not Put Samsung Galaxy S4 in Hot Waters But Cheaper iPhone 5 May

A new case, 5 color choices and a $99 price tag- these are all one can expect for the low-cost iPhone to be launched in September. With 5S retaining the same design of the iPhone 5, the cheaper version with a new case and changes in design is all the more welcome.

Apple has always intended to focus on the high-end world of smartphones, but now with competitions high in the market, has introduced the new model and slashed prices as well.

Apple is also expected to discriminate its high-end and low cost phones by introducing more colors in the later just like iPods. The multiple colors are pink, orange, white, black and blue with a plastic casing unlike its flagship anodized aluminum body to keep pace with the price.

According to the images and a video posted by Macotakara, the low-cost iPhone would be 2 mm thicker than the iPhone 5 and would sport a 4-inch display and a plastic shell rounded at the corners.

Though, third party case makers have disclosed the designs of previous models of iPhones and iPads before, but it is always safer to wait for the official launch of the low-cost iPhone to see the design yourself.





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Apple iPhone Air:Cheap Version Of Apple iPhone 5 To Be Priced Between $250-300

We just heard a buzz that the iPhone 5S from Apple would hardly be different from the iPhone 5. The only upgrades would come about in the app story. However, just that we eased our excitement, this is what made us jump on our couch—2013 end could see an inexpensive version of the Apple iPhone selling for a price between  $250-$300. The model would be called the Apple iPhone Air.

Despite us not being willing to believe this story, we cannot but deny that if this at all translates into reality, Apple could emerge as a leader in countries such as China, Brazil, India and Russia. Wait until June and we could know how deep the waters run for rumor river.… Read the rest

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