Apple Music, iBooks & iTunes Movies Now In China

By Mgmoscatello, via Wikimedia Commons

China is an important market for most international companies now and Apple is no exception. To increase its dominance in the country and to assure investors of their plans, Apple has introduced iTunes Movies, Apple Music as well as iBooks in the mainland.

While launching these products in China, Apple senior vice-president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue said that their customers in China are important for the company as they have provided the largest market for Apple apps.

Non-stop fun at a pocket-friendly prices

Users in China can now enjoy Apple Music at a price of 10 yuan or $1.57 per month. iTunes movies will be available with two different plans. People looking for HD rentals can get it at a starting price of 5 yuan or $ 0.79 and those searching for HD purchases can have it at 18 yuan or $2.83.

iBooks, which forms a major interest for Apple users there, can be availed just by shelling 0.5 yuan or 8 cents. This is not all. To attract more users to their products, iTunes China offers the 2014 blockbuster movie The Taking of Tiger Mountain free of cost. This is for limited period of time. Apart from the freebie, iTunes will also offer innumerable Hollywood movies as well as a huge collection from the Chinese studios.

Apple Music will also come with some great attractions. It will feature popular regional artists like G.E.M, JJ Lin, Li Ronghao and Eason Chan. At the same time, there will be no dearth of music from international artists.

With all these plans, Apple seems to be gearing up for tough competition in China. By introducing these popular services, the company should be expecting greater foothold in the country as well as positive growth in its shares.

People’s view

While speaking about the latest offerings from Apple, user Madhurima Sengupta said, “The second largest economy of the world is going through hard times these days, yet introduction of new products may be helpful in stabilizing the condition to some extent.”

Neerja Dikshit, who has to travel far and wide for her job was thrilled to know about the launch. Being an Apple user, she said, “Now I can get non-stop entertainment from Apple Music even when I visit China.”… Read the rest

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Spotify vs Apple Music, Which Streaming Service is Better?

Apple Music is out in the market and is available at a subscription price of only $9.99 per month. One of the most anticipated releases of the year, Apple Music will still have to face tough market competition because of the many other streaming options available at cheaper prices. We compare it to the biggest competitor so it’s Spotify vs Apple Music today.

Spotify vs Apple MusicSpotify to give tough competition to Apple Music

While there are several music streaming options available in the market, Spotify is the prime competitor for Apple Music. Lets compare them both to understand. Firstly, both of them offer a-la-carte music streaming to users in high quality. Though the encoding format and bit rate are not the same, these can be used for streaming music even in low speed internet connections without experiencing interruptions.

The set-up of Apple Music and Spotify is not the same, but they both offer good music quality if played on the right device. Having been in the space for longer, Spotify enjoys some advantage when it comes to playing old melodies. After playing different genres of music on Spotify and Apple Music, we see that the former leads the way in many aspects.

However, we have to give it to Apple Music that it is just a few days old. It is also expected to entertain music lovers in a great way in the coming days. 

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Apple Music Streaming: Experience The Service For Free

Apple Music has launched its trail version —for FREE and you can tune into it right across summer. However, having used Spotify, iTunes Radio or even Beats until now, the latest streaming service from Apple could take some time to master.

Up Close With The Apple Music StreamingUnraveling Apple Music

For starters, you must know that Apple offers you a curated list of songs—technically playlists—that help you unearth everything from gym workout music to grad songs. The interface is split into For You and New Home Screens but you might just as well rely on good old search via type! Watch out for the ellipses that are found at the end of every track. Tapping these will render a host of menu options via which you can buy, share or simply save the same for the later use. 

Breezing Through

Find these selected songs by tapping the list from  Now Playing window. All you need to do is drag upwards on the mini bar that appears at the end of the screen. Finally, in case you are tuned in to a radio station then tap on the magnifying glass to see what else the same artist has on offer for you. This is an innovate modification to the traditional “Find More Music By This Artist” you might have been used to.

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Upgrade To iOS 8.4 To Enjoy Apple Music

Apple Music is all set to launch tomorrow and to enjoy uninterrupted music on this new app, Apple users will have to upgrade their devices to iOS 8.4. 

Upgrade to iOS 8.4 to enjoy Apple Music from the first dayDownload iOS 8.4 today

The makers are delighted to see the interest of people regarding the launch of Apple Music and Ian Rogers, Apple Music’s Senior Director in a recent blog post on Tuesday informed all users to upgrade their iOS to iOS 8.4.  In his Tweet, the senior director even mentioned that iOS 8.4 can be downloaded from 8 a.m PDT or 11 a.m EDT. 

The new iOS  is reported to introduce some new features and bug fixes. However, the introduction of Apple Music is a major reason for which people will like to make a shift from their existing operating system.

What does update include?

 The Music app updates would also include features that will allow users to add customized descriptions and images to their playlist. A mini player will also be introduced for users so that they can check what is getting played while browsing through the library.

Eddy Cue, the Senior Vice-President of Apple also stated  on Twiiter that the features of iTunes Match would be available in Apple Music. 

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