Apple Maps Scoop: What A Dangerous App To Navigate With… Leaves You In Lurch

And you thought it was a one-off incident when in December, the Australian police announced that Apple Maps was “life threatening” due to grave mistakes that could lead users to get lost in the Outback region? It happened because the town of Mildura is listed 43 miles away from its … Read the rest

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“The Apple Map App Is Really Hard” Google’s Schimdt

Google's CEO Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt, CEO and current executive chairman, Google made a public appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York, where he spoke of some of the Google’s initiatives, Apple’s maps, Google’s self-driving car, and “Gang of Four”. Read on to know it all.

In an interview conducted by Walt … Read the rest

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iPhone 5 Vs Motorola Driod Razor M: The Map App War Gets Bitter

After losing out on its new Maps app, Apple has become the much preferred topic of satire all over. Following Samsung’s spoof on Apple’s iPhone 5 in a print ad, it’s now Google-Motorola Mobility, which clearly implies that Android makers do not want to lose out any opportunity to expose … Read the rest

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