Apple Maps Scoop: What A Dangerous App To Navigate With… Leaves You In Lurch

And you thought it was a one-off incident when in December, the Australian police announced that Apple Maps was “life threatening” due to grave mistakes that could lead users to get lost in the Outback region? It happened because the town of Mildura is listed 43 miles away from its actual position, and users who could follow Apple Maps’ directions to this place could get lost in a region without habitation and cellphone coverage. There had already been an incident when a person walked for 24 hours to reach a point with mobile coverage.

The next to call Apple Maps “dangerous” is the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria. The Agency’s FireReady apps for iOS which lets users report bushfires. However, the app uses the inaccurate maps provided by Apple Maps, in which many locations are marked wrong. When fires are reported using this app, firefighters are unable to reach the exact location quickly.

There have been many complaints regarding the FireReady app – one of them mentioned how Apple Maps fails to show the name of a city or township occasionally, which makes it hard for rescue operators to reach the location. CFA has supposedly lodged a complaint with Apple Australia regarding these issues, and was told to report the issue using the Apple Maps app.

CFA has advised people to rely on more than one source for emergency information, including their own website which also shows warnings. The CFA system uses Google Maps for their operations.… Read the rest

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Apple Seeks Foursquare Labs to Enhance its Map App

While the Google Map app has hit Apple’s iStore, the latter has started looking around for ways to strengthen its own map application.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple has been meeting up people from Foursquare Labs Inc. to bring in local data to its much-criticized map app. Apple senior vice president Eddie Cue has been in discussion with Foursquare to integrate some of the local data and business listings which would help it differentiate from Google Maps.

Google Maps has already garnered 10 million fans in the first few days of its launch on the Apple store. Google Maps have the capability to give street views and public transit directions, both of which are lacking in Apple’s map app.

Apple maps were catapulted in the month of September when the company brought forward iOS6. People who switched over to the app criticized for its lack of data, inaccurate details and dilapidated images.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was “extremely sorry” for perturbing the customers with error in navigation and promised improvements.… Read the rest

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes over Maps Division, Richard Williamson Ousted

All of us are aware of the apple map app faux paus. The map app which got launched with much brouhaha not only failed to impress the users but was far from being perfect. Well perfection is what Apple is known for. Isn’t it?  So the company has now decided to redesign the map app under the supervision of Tim Cook and has shown doors to Maps chief Richard Williamson.

New leaders need to come in and clear out “dead wood,” says Vivek Wadhwa, vice president of academics and innovation at Singularity University, of recent management changes under Cook’s regime. “Tim Cook is bringing his own guys in. He knows where the doers are.”

Williamson came into picture  when mobile operating system chief Scott Forstall came at loggerheads with Jonathen Ive, senior vice president of industrial design and close Jobs confidant,

Cook is “doing the right thing. He’s less concerned about the public perception than getting the product right. Jobs tried to manage the media and perception more aggressively,” says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Along with laying off  Forstall, Cook predicted the exit of retail chief John Browett. The former leader at U.K.-based Dixons Retail, who didn’t even last a year, was a misfit from start. His focus on cutting costs vs. customer service brought him criticism from analysts.

Executive expulsions alone won’t be able to fix Apple’s Maps blunder. “People below them are the critical ones,” says Wadhwa. Apple fans across social media vented their disappointment about misplaced landmarks, streets and incomplete directions.

The reason apple developed its own map app was its growing rivalry with Google.And giving that business over to Google — massive Web traffic — was just no longer an option.

The problem is that coming even close to Google Maps could take a long time. The search giant has spent years tweaking Google Maps in widespread efforts that suck in data that include staff images from Google Street View crews and Google Map Maker, crowd-sourced maps made by people, says Mike Dobson, president of TeleMapics.

 … Read the rest

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“The Apple Map App Is Really Hard” Google’s Schimdt

Google's CEO Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt, CEO and current executive chairman, Google made a public appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York, where he spoke of some of the Google’s initiatives, Apple’s maps, Google’s self-driving car, and “Gang of Four”. Read on to know it all.

In an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg, columnist, Wall Street Journal and Kara Swisher, editor, All Things D, Schmidt talked about the removal of Google Maps from the Apple’s iOS 6.  He said that the decision to develop its own mapping software was taken by Apple long time ago. Further, Schmidt said, “Apple should have kept with our maps… What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard. We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in satellite work, airplane work, drive-by work to get the maps accurate and we think we have the best product in the industry.”

Even the removal of its own mapping application didn’t stop Schmidt to praise Apple. On being asked by an audience member as to which other company, apart from Google would he choose to lead as CEO, Schmidt reply was Apple.

Schmidt ignored questions related to any likely acquisitions of competing tech companies.

But the man did confirm his notion of a “Gang of Four” companies that he feels leads the tech industry. He said, “There are four companies that are network platforms of one form or another that are generating enormous scale of global effects. We’ve not had that before in our industry… The four that we identified were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.”

On being asked for a reason as to why he left out Microsoft, Schmidt said that its exception was on purpose. Referring to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 devices, Schmidt said, “Let’s see what this new set of products does. They’re a well funded, smart, well-run company. But they’ve not been able to bring out state-of-the art products in the spaces that we’re talking about.”

The conversation also covered the future of digital content, patent issues, and what all Google was up to. Schmidt, however, didn’t reveal any information on unannounced products.

On being asked to comment on Google’s self-driving car, Schmidt’s said, “I have been driven by the car and it is a life changing experience.”… Read the rest

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iPhone 5 Vs Motorola Driod Razor M: The Map App War Gets Bitter

After losing out on its new Maps app, Apple has become the much preferred topic of satire all over. Following Samsung’s spoof on Apple’s iPhone 5 in a print ad, it’s now Google-Motorola Mobility, which clearly implies that Android makers do not want to lose out any opportunity to expose Apple’s weakness.

In a recent ad by Motorola Mobility, the firm mocks the troubled Apple Maps application in the latest iOS 6.

Apple Maps was rolled out Wednesday on Apple’s new iOS 6, only to follow by criticism from users. Various geographical errors and missing information were two most discussed points.

In a recent update by Motorola Mobility on Google+ (, Motorola names Apple’s latest device as iLost in comparison with its recently unveiled Motorola Droid Razr M.

The iPhone 5 in the picture has the Apple Maps with vague and unclear information, while Google Maps on the Razr M has detailed and precise information.

The ad clearly says, “Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.”

The next day, Motorola stresses one more advantage that Google Maps has over Apple’s latest. It says, “Google Maps reports live traffic in green, yellow, and red to be as helpful as possible so you don’t feel #iLost planning your trip.”

Apple promoted its 4-inch iPhone 5 as a device that clearly fits in users’ hands, Motorola strikes at that too and says, “The real world that’s fit for your hands” with focus on ‘real’ with italics.

Apple Maps replaced Google Maps in its latest iPhone 5, which went on sale 21st Sept., and was sold-out the same day. Apple has reportedly sold 2 million models of iPhone 5 in just 24 hours of pre-orders, which broke the sales record of its predecessors.… Read the rest

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