loka metaverse

Serial entrepreneur Krishnan Sunderarajan claims to have developed India’s first Metaverse gamified app LOKA. Talking about loka metaverse on Shark Tank India, he said the app has been developed for iOS as well as Android users. Designed around one of India’s iconic markets, the Connaught Place (CP) in New Delhi, this app sets out to give a real-world experience in a virtual setting.

Everything to know about LOKA app

  • As seen in the teaser above, the game will cover Connaught Place, Delhi as its gaming location
  • The app size is 104MB and is available on Google Play Store & Apple store
  • Users can log in to the app using their Google or Facebook account

What happens once you log in?

Once a user logs in to LOKA, they can customise an avatar of their own choice. After this, players will be able to roam around at the location where they can meet people. They will meet people roaming around in metaverse even while they are sitting at their homes.

Users will be able to interact with third-party apps such as Nykaa and Amazon. They will also be able to open shops located in CP. Notably, the players have to tap on the shops because CP is a marketplace.

Makers of the game claim that with the Game Map, they have included Non-Player Characters or Bots to make it more engaging. They have used ambient background sounds and spatial audio to recreate the feel of CP. The sounds have been extracted from the real location! . So next time you’re visiting Connaught Place in Loka, you will hear the noises of traffic, people, birds, children playing, etc. just as you experience in the real world.

Sunderarajan on India’s first metaverse gamified app LOKA

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Sunderarajan in a statement said that he is the founder of LOKA- India’s first gamified Metaverse. They are trying to create a gamified 3D version of real locations and cities like Oxford street in London, Connaught Place in Delhi, and Manhattan in New York. Real people can participate in concurrent and real-time experiences powered by third-party apps like Netflix, Amazon, Deliveroo, etc.

He also said that they are focused on re-creating the feel, vibe and heritage of a place or a city by integrating culturally relatable elements and contextually relevant.

Krishnan Sunderarajan‘s learnings for everyone

In one of the Shark Tank India episodes, Sunerarajan gave some advices to the viewers:

  1. Never think you are right, don’t trust the GUT, trust the DATA!
  2. Get the right team- You should be in a room where all other folks are smarter than you!
  3. Timely pivot

As the third wave of COVID-19 occurs, people might have to sit at their homes again. This app is created to entertain people at this time and help them pass their time. Just like people played PubG to get rid of boredom during the 2020 lockdown, this time they may like LOKA.