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How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile 2023?

There are people who stalk you on Facebook and it’s their favorite hobby. And there are people who love to see who visited their FB profile for either ego boost or self-protection against any harm. Everybody loves when they have privacy control of their Facebook account and profile.  Is it really possible to know the stalkers? How to see who viewed your Facebook?

Well, this feature was not available on FB earlier. But, due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and acquisitions related to data theft and privacy concerns among users, FB now allows users to see their profile visitors. So, Yes! Now you can easily find the stalkers. This post addresses different queries related to how to see who visited my Facebook profile 2023.

Stay tuned till the end!

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How can I see who viewed my FB profile on mobile?

Are you an iOS mobile user? Then follow the below steps to know how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click on (3 links) main drop-down menu
  • Go to Privacy Shortcuts
  • Tap on “Who viewed my profile“ (see image below)

Considering, it’s a newly launched feature, if these steps don’t work for you, you can take the help of some iOS apps like “Social Fans”, which will enable you to see your Facebook profile viewers.

You can install this app from the iTunes store for all iOS devices and then use the above-mentioned steps to see who viewed your FB profile on mobile.

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What about Android FB users?

Bad news! As of now, the feature is available only for iOS FB users. You can take their help? No?

Please note: mobile users can also install and link third-party apps to their FB accounts to check who viewed their profile. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store.

One that seems decent enough (as people say) is Who Viewed My Profile. This app can help you know who visited your profile on Facebook and other social media apps as well)

However, there is no guarantee! The question is if Facebook has never added a feature for Android to check your profile viewers, then how other apps could help you in seeing it?

Don’t worry! There are other tricks mentioned in the post.

How to see who viewed your Facebook on desktop?

Unlike mobile, seeing your Facebook viewers on the desktop is a little time-consuming. Read on to an effective method.

  • Visit your Facebook profile timeline page using any browser on your system
  • Once the page is loaded, right-click anywhere
  • Select view page source (alternately, you can use or use CTRL+U  and a new page source tab will open)
  • Press CTRL + F to open the search box on the new tab that contains the HTML codes of the source. (Command + F for Mac users.) See the image below.
  • On the search box, copy paste BUDDY_ID and Enter
  • You will see a list of some profile IDs of the people who visited your profile
  • Now copy any profile ID (15 digit number)
  • Then open and paste the ID there (for example, and click Enter. (Remove -2 followed by each IDs).
  • The result shows you the person who visited your Facebook profile
  • Please keep logged in while performing the task.

To understand better you may watch this video –

Is there any extension available to see who visited my Facebook profile?

Yes, there is good news for Google Chrome users!

You can install and add a Chrome extension to quickly see your Facebook profile visitors without any hassle.

  • Go to the Social profile extension page
  • Click on “add to chrome”
  • Once downloading is complete click on the add extension
  • The extension will be added to your Chrome browser
  • Then open using the same browser and log in to your account
  • You can see your FB profile with a timeline bar
  • You can see an option “visitor”
  • This is the person who viewed your profile

That’s all about how to see who viewed your Facebook profile. The company has recently added this feature to the iOS app, so Android users may face a problem for a while. Check out the third-party apps mentioned in the post and try your luck. But, be aware of fraudulent apps that provide fake functions and keep reporting when you notice something wrong.

So friends, was this post helpful?

Leave a comment below.  Like to add some more tricks that worked well for you? Feel free to do so.

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