Apple iPhone 5s Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Flagship Derby on Tougher Terrains


iphone 5s featuresAt Apple’s recent media event at the Town Hall in Cupertino the tech giant’s new flagship device the iPhone 5s was revealed. As expected the iPhone 5s specifications are better than the outgoing iPhone 5. Let us see how the Galaxy S4 specifications compare to Apple’s latest device.

The iPhone 5s uses the A7 micro processor that is 64 bit capable, thus the iOS 7 on the iPhone 5s is also a 64 bit version – Apple claims this combination leads to super speed and graphics. The Samsung Galaxy uses a Snapdragon 600 processor with 2 GB or RAM and it is unlikely this combination will be helped much by a 64 bit operating system. The iPhone 5s is definitely a good looking phone and it feel expensive to hold. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand is a bit heavier, made of plastic and looks too much like the Galaxy S3. When it comes to screens – the Galaxy S4’s 5 inch full HD, 1920 by 1080 with 441 ppi screen really makes the iPhone 5s’s 4 inch “Retina”, 1136 by 640 resolution and 326 ppi seem shoddy. The iPhone 5s uses an 8MP camera while the Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP shooter.


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Apple iPhone 5S Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One: The Uncompromising World of Mobile Cameras


With smartphone befitting a better alternative of cameras, the photo shooting expertise of phones is becoming a focus point for all phone and camera review sites. Recently we held a shootout of the cameras to prove camera efficiency of iPhone 5S over the Galaxy S4. HTC One also scored high but in low light conditions.

HTC is trying to improve on camera tech with its each version. The One sports an Ultrapixel camera that supports low-light shots with its large sensors to pull in more light.

According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 megapixel sensor against the iPhone 5S 8MP which makes a difference in photo size only. Samsung would have to definitely work out on optics as more megapixels becoming less important specs these days.

The fact that smartphone is the only camera option for majority of its buyers; companies with superior camera technology will attract more buyers across the globe. The upcoming iPhone 5S is all the more welcome with a better camera than iPhone 5. Some reports do indicate that a higher-resolution camera with enhanced low-light mode and a larger LED flash are in store for the 5S.

If all reports are true, the iPhone 5S becomes more camera-centric to sway buyers.… Read the rest

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In Front Of Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One Would iPhone 5S Be A Big Deal?

The next iPhone from apple is raking up quite a bit of buzz in media circles and the world of rumor mongers. The roundup for the iPhone 5S begins with the query-“Will this much awaited Apple product look like the iPhone 5”?

Well, as you already know by now, the rumors and notifications connected with the launch of iPhones are simply unstoppable. Whether it’s about the news connected with further redesigns or the apprehensions regarding their newer features—we all do wait for Tim Cook‘s appearance on stage.

However, some of the educated guesses which are most likely to be proved in the near future are those linked with its time of debut. There are very strong odds that this successor to the iPhone will unveil itself in the summer to autumn time frame–which effectively refers to the months from June to October.

The release of the iPhone 5S is expected to conflict with the availability of the iOS 7. If the earlier history of Apple is to be followed in this case as well—we can expect to get a similar design but one that is tweaked inwards. In the line of the 3GS and iPhone 4S, there will also be certain improvements in the resolution of the cameras, scrolling features and obviously a bigger screen—a neat package indeed!… Read the rest

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Is Apple Not Confident About Apple iPhone 5S? Fear Surfaces As Samsung Galaxy S4 Takes The World By Storm


Apple iPhone 5S is on the way but with Samsung Galaxy S4 making waves in the market, Apple is not happy with its success and is not taking it in positive stride. Direct comments of Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller on Samsung Galaxy S4 have surfaced the threat Apple is facing. Former Apple exec  Jean-Louis Gassée was not happy with the way Apple is showing its fear to the world.

Monsieur Gassée wrote in a column:

“Attacking competitors, pointing to their weaknesses, and trumpeting one’s achievements is better done by hired media assassins. A company, directly or through a PR firm, engages oft-quoted consultants who provide the required third-party stats, barbs, and encomiums. This isn’t theorizing, I once was a director at a company, one of many, that used such an arrangement to good effect”.

Gassée went on to say that Apple was “losing the war of words”, and that “others have seized the opportunity to drive the narrative.”… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 May Emerge As The Most Iconic Phone, Would Apple iPhone 5S Come With Enough Meat To Replace It?


Apple iPhone 5S is aiming to be radiant and edgy all it once. Thrilled about the summer release it is being heard the Apple iPhone 5S could come with a NFC and a fingerprint sensor.

Apple has taken over AuthenTec, a company known for its fingerprint technology. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spilled more beans about features of Apple iPhone 5S  by showing the evidence for the finger print sensor which would make money transfer from NFC more secure.

As per a report from China Times, Apple has started importing components from Chipbond in Taiwan. The components consist of chips which would make the basic unit for fingerprint sensor and there are also talks about getting hands on touch display driver.

If Apple iPhone 5S is planning to come up with such solid features than  it would raise the bar in the smartphone industry especially for its rival Samsung Galaxy S4 which is already receiving admiration even before the release.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Inspirational, Thanks To Its Wireless Charging, But May Be Apple iPhone 5S Is Not Affected


We reported that along with Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5S may also come with wireless charging, but the recent rumors don’t point out so. According to a  grapevine regarding the next apple iPhone 5S, it will just have some internal and software changes and if it at all wants to add wireless charging then there need to be some major changes, but that doesn’t seem like a case.

According to Digitimes report, it could be that Apple iPhone 6 may come with wireless charging  as Apple would take 6 months to come up its new flagship, so we can expect Apple  new phone to come in Christmas 2013, may with wireless charging.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5S: Galaxy S4 May Give Goosebumps To Apple On April 8th

Samsung Galaxy S4


Some interesting piece of news regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming in from New Zealand.  Some hints have been thrown by a mobile retail store in New Zealand.  A couple of photos of an internal raffle doc suggest that Samsung Galaxy S4 may hit shelves on April 8.

The other source of rumor  s coming from a UK retailer which are pointing to April third week launch of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Speculation that Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch in a low key event at Apple’s home turf in the Silicon Valley. So is Apple geared up with Apple iPhone 5S and 6?… Read the rest

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