Best Sports Gadgets 2023

Keep track of your fitness and health level during your workout and daily activities with a smartwatch. It will also help keep track of your steps, temperature, distance covered and sleep.


Enhance your focus and stay motivated during workouts by listening to music. Bluetooth headphones are perfect for listening to songs hands free unlike wired earphones.

Wireless headphone

A smart shoe can help calculate your footsteps, distance and calories. Most smart shoes are equipped with GPS which can provide you with your location details. These shoes also have sensors to let you know when you wear them.

Smart shoe

Staying hydrated is the key to staying fit. A smart water bottle will provide you insights about your daily water intake. A smart water will also remind you to drink water if it notices you haven’t done so.

Smart water bottle

Some outdoor games can be very demanding and players need to be in their best shape to cope with the demands of the game. A GPS tracker collects information like speed, heart rate, training intensity,pace, and recovery time when you are on the pitch of play.

GPS Tracker

Smart goggles help view your metrics and workout instructions on the lens as you swim. It also lets you know your swim time, distance and pace making it ideal to count the laps.

Smart Swim Goggles

A twist to the humble skipping rope, a smart rope allows you to connect to an app via Bluetooth to liven up your exercise schedule. It is budget friendly and something that you can use indoors as well.

Smart rope

A smart massage gun is time-effective as it produces a large amount of force to treat a large muscle group effectively. It is a great tool for post-workout recovery or to help with achy muscle.

Smart massage gun