Monday, June 5, 2023
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Zynga To Start Gambling With Cold Hard Cash

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Zynga has planned to take a plunge into gambling business and not  simple online Poker gamble but the real one with cold hard cash. Zynga has filled the paperwork and the process has started to procure the license for gambling in Nevada. Getting license is Nevada is not a cake walk. The state will review the financial condition of the company and see whether it is fit to hold the license .

It was this year that the justice department lifted the ban from online gaming. Nevada is first of the states to allow online poker games.

Zynga is hoping for the best as there are many new openings coming in the zynga market.

“As we’ve said previously, the broader U.S. market is an opportunity that’s further out on the horizon based on legislative developments, but we are preparing for a regulated market,” said Zynga Chief Revenue Officer Barry Cottle in a statement.

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