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Zynga CSO Nils Puhlman Resigns

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Dark clouds seems to be hovering over social gaming giant Zynga with the latest news of resignation and departure of Zynga chief security officer Nils Puhlmann.

Over the last couple of months, Zynga has seen the exit of various top level executives and managers as the firm’s stock plunged around 70 percent after it went public.

This news was reported in Techcrunch, which quoted several sources familiar with the matter.

Puhlmann, joined Zynga three years back in 2009 as CSO until he resigned yesterday. However, details regarding his resignation are still unknown.

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The San Francisco-based social game company was trying to keep up its foothold on Facebook network and now laid emphasis on mobile gaming.

Zynga saw departures due to weak earnings report, when many executives decided to leave the firm and venture out on their own.

Various executives who left Zynga over the recent months include John Schappert, Chief Operating Officer, Allan Leinwand, Infrastructure Chief Technology Officer, Mike Verdu, Chief Creative Officer and Jeff Karp, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer.

Zynga has also seen the departure of various other general managers and vice presidents.

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