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Zoom Virtual Rooms for In-Person Meetings-Like Experience

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Zoom has recently rolled out a new immersive view feature to provide all its users in-person meetings-like experience. The new Zoom virtual rooms will enable hosts to get video participants and webinar panel lists into a single virtual background. The new feature will only work with meetings and webinars with up to 25 participants with an aim to bring people together into one scene to connect and collaborate in a cohesive virtual meeting space. 

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The layout of Zoom virtual rooms is quite similar to the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams. With the new immersive view feature, Zoom wants to give a life-like background. If you know Zoom already offers Speaker View and Gallery View modes. Once the host will turn on the Immersive View, Zoom will automatically place attendees in different virtual scenes such as a board room or an auditorium, even a coffee shop. Meeting hosts will also have the freedom to manually place the participants.

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How to enable Zoom Virtual Rooms?

Zoom Virtual Rooms feature was first announced during the Zoomtopia 2020. While enabling Immersive View, hosts will have the option to either automatically or manually place participants into a virtual scene of their preference. They will even have the option of moving participants around the scene for a more natural experience. 

Zoom Virtual Rooms 2

 The new Zoom Virtual Rooms allow hosts to modify the scene or can even relapse back to Speaker or Gallery View at any time during the meeting. Currently Zoom has given a few scenes and users can add their own preferences. Hosts can even use their own video as an Immersive View scene to bring the participants into their personal virtual background.

Who all will have access to Zoom Virtual Rooms?

Immersive View on Zoom is currently available for Windows and MacOS desktop clients. It is also enabled by default for all Free and single Pro accounts using Zoom 5.6.3 or higher, and can be also enabled through the web portal for all other account types. 

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