The budget smartphone market has got another player in the face of Yu Yunique. The phone is indeed high on specifications and low on budget, the proposition that will appeal to masses. I recently met one of my college friends who is a struggling filmmaker, she told me phones like Yu Yunique is a blessing. She has been looking for a phone which looks and feel good but does not burn a hole in her pocket.Hyundai smartphone key connectivity concept

“Honestly, not everyone can afford high-end smartphones… I can at least boast about this one” she said.

True that. iPhones and Galaxy range is not everyone’s cup of tea. Phones like Yu Yunique truly add a new dimension to the smartphone market. The phone is in high demand and it was a complete sold out on a few-ecommerce websites. Here are the specifications:

The phone has a plastic build and a screen size of 4.7-inch. It is easy to handle and fits into your pocket… so no more rummaging your handbag to find your phone. In looks department it is a clear winner, thanks to its 8.3mm thickness and 120 gm weight.

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We found working on the phone was easy breezy. The pages opened swiftly and it was not sluggish. The phone houses 1.2GHz processor by Qualcomm and has 1 GB of RAM. It comes packed with Android Lollipop OS and cynogen MOD OS. For those looking for dual-sim, this is the phone for you.

The part we did not like about t was front camera. It does not give great results with low light. Plus the 8GB memory is a dampener; you will need a micro SD card. But we don’t see any solid reason why you should not buy this phone if you are on a budget.

 A good offering which will not ask you to break your bank.