YouTube has said that it will remove conspiracy theory videos linking 5G and coronavirus. The latest update from the popular video sharing platform has come after around seven cellular towers were burnt in the United Kingdom.

Several conspiracy theory videos linking 5G and COVID-19 have been making the rounds on the platform for quite some time. A section of people believe that 5G has something to do with Covid-19 outbreak though there has been no scientific proves suggesting the same.

Some of these conspiracy theorists have even claimed that the detection tests for the novel coronavirus were actually conducted to spread the virus. They have further stated that the pandemic has been plotted to hide the deaths caused by 5G connectivity.

Notably, to make them more convincing, these claims were apparently reported to be made by a former UK mobile executive. This particular video has already been removed. However, there have been several such videos on the platform linking 5G and coronavirus.

In light of these rumours, seven cellular towers had already been burnt down in the UK. It is also worth noting that four of these masts were related to Vodafone. While two of these towers were among the masts it shares with O2, two of them belonged solely to Vodafone.

Furthermore, the videos on 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theories have also been shared by some popular celebrities including Anne-Marie and Amanda Holden. Amanda Holden, one of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent had even shared a link to an online petition claiming that staying near 5G towers can cause coronavirus like symptoms.

You Tube had said that the platform would be removing these 5G and coronavirus linking conspiracy theory videos within 24 hours, as per The Guardian reports. Additionally, the platform will also be reducing recommendations of borderline content that can misinform or mislead users in harmful ways.

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Moreover, as per the media reports, the British government is also planning to hold dialogue with various social media platforms to help curb theses conspiracy theories.

However, YouTube officials have said that the platform would be keeping the videos that solely talk about conspiracy theories on 5G without linking it to the coronavirus.