YouTube launched a free video editing tool, YouTube Video Builder on Tuesday to help businesses create short videos. Ali Miller, Product Management Director at YouTube Ads said that the company’s new tool aims to help businesses create quick videos to better connect with their customers.

Notably, videos have proved to be a handy tool for businesses to connect with their customers during the current times of social distancing and quarantine. But, in-person video shoots are no longer possible in most nations. Thus, creating new videos out of scratch can prove to be a significant challenge for certain businesses lacking in resources and the technical know-how of the process.

Miller shared in the blog post that the tool was already being tested with a small group of customers. However, it is being made available ahead of schedule to help such businesses to connect with their customers in the current times.

Create Short Video Ads with YouTube Video Builder

YouTube Video Builder can also be used to generate short video ads or promotional videos using the static assets of the organization such as images and texts. Subsequently, users can customize layouts, colours, fonts and can also add music from the company’s free audio library. Moreover, in an additional advantage, it would generate videos already optimized for the YouTube to run on the video platform.

Notably, the video editing tool is available for free and businesses only need a Google account to gain access. Moreover, businesses would also be free to use these videos on other websites and social media platforms.

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However the Video Builder would be limited to videos of length 6 seconds and 15 seconds. Moreover, every business would need its own YouTube channel to save and publish videos generated by the tool. Furthermore, though not mandatory, businesses can also integrate and run their videos on Google Ads.

Users can sign up for the YouTube Video Builder here and the company will enable access as per the tool’s user capacity at the earliest.