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YouTube and Chrome to Remove Intrusive Video Ads in Coming Months

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Google is all set to make web browsing a more user-friendly experience by removing annoying and intrusive video ads from different websites on its platforms. Jason James, Product Manager at Google shared the update on the Chromium blog post. He further added that the new regulations will apply to both Google Chrome and YouTube.

The Coalition for Better Ads has announced new standards for online ads that appear on websites and video-streaming platforms like YouTube earlier on Wednesday. It has asked the companies to remove three types of intrusive video ads over the next four months.

intrusive video ads
Intrusive video ads affect the user experience negatively

Video ads users found annoying & intrusive:

  • Non-skippable pre-roll ads or group of advertisements that appear when a video starts and are longer than 31 seconds.
  • Moreover, ads that appear in the middle of a video were also identified to significantly hamper the user experience.
  • Lastly, any image or text ads that either cover more than 20 percent of the video content or appear on the top of a video and are in the middle 1/3 of the video player window.

Jason added in the blog post that in line with the Coalition of Ads guidelines, Chrome will expand its user protections beginning August 5. Furthermore, the browser will also stop showing all ads on websites that frequently show these intrusive video ads.

Notably, blog post asserted that YouTube will also adhere to these standards like all other websites with video content and videos on the platform will be continuously reviewed for compliance with the same. James further added that the tech giant shall leverage the research as a tool to help guide product development in the future.

Additionally, the blog post also recommended website admins to review their own sites’ status in the Ad Experience Report. Ad Experience Report is a tool that helps in identifying ads on a particular website that might violate the set ad standards.

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