You May Soon Be Able To Follow Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram followers know the value of their hashtags. They use as much possible relevant hashtags to reach out to wider audience of like-minded people. What if Instagram users could follow Hashtags like they follow a page? A Twitter user Pippa Akram has spotted the new feature that can let you follow not just users but also Hashtags.
Here is what she spotted!

And then there were others who noticed!

It has come out that Instagram is possibly trying to test this new feature where one can follow their favorite hashtags. The new feature has potential to change the way people engage on Instagram. The possible upcoming feature would allow a user to follow a hashtag to see top stories and post related to a hashtag followed.
Hashtags means everything when it comes to increasing engagement and followers on Instagram. For business, strategic use of hashtags could mean success for an Instagram marketing campaign. Hashtag helps share your content with people with similar interests and thus more people tend to follow you or your brand leading to more likes. If this likely feature is to come, Hashtags will get more popular.
Everyday millions of users use Instagram to actively engage with their followers. So far, billions of photos have been shared on this photo sharing platform. A content shared on Instagram receives more engagement than content shared on any other social media. A post with hashtag on Instagram results into 12.6% more engagement on average than a post without a hashtag.
Presently, when an Instagram user clicks on a hashtag, he comes across every post that has that hashtag. People cannot decide the content that comes as feed. In future, users may be able control what kind of content they want to consume. However, it is unclear how the new feature will work. Instagram is yet to speak about their testing of the feature.