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Year 2014 Google Doodle: New Year Eve Doodle 2013 Followed by 2014


The New Year of 2014 has served as an inspiration for the first doodle of the 2014. The New Year doodle of 2014 is just the follow up of the New Year Eve doodle of 2013 which occurred on Tuesday.

 The very first doodle of 2014 features 2,0,1 and 4 on the disco floor while the number 4 is being swapped by the number 3, which was witnessed as coming as revelries in the doodle of Tuesday, but now it is present on the sidelines. This indeed displays the importance of changing of the year from 2013 to 2014. The disco floor has been designed with small squares that continuously change colours and represent the floor lighting in several colours. The word Google is placed between the two giant speakers and the second O is replaced by disco ball.

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 Along with the Google doodle, the home page of the Google has a text “What did the world search for this year? The Google Zeitgeist 2013 provides a ride to the best moments of 2013. This has been seen from quite sometime now and it is not something new included. Clicking on the doodle display search results on Google for the phrase New Year 2014!

 The very first result for the Google search result for the New Year 2014 phrase is ‘Wednesday January 1, New Year’s Day 2014, similar like what you receive for the other crucial events and day like Holi 2013 on Google India or Christmas Day 2013 on the Google US home page. The other pages look like similar to Google result page, with web, news, images, and search result for the phrase New Year 2014. It will surely be an exciting New Year for Google in 2014.


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