Yahoo has recently announced that it is planning to become part of Google and Microsoft Corp. to develop encrypted email that would resist the prying eyes of governments, ISPs and law enforcement.

Google has already added encryption for email through an extension dubbYahoo Encrypted Emailed as “End-to-End” to its Chrome browser in June 2014, while Microsoft is scheduled to add encryption to Outlook by end-2014.

Yahoo’s encrypted email move came after former National Security Administration analyst Edward J. Snowden recently leaked that the government is spying on email networks. This also came a week after a judge of the U.S. District Court issued an order to Microsoft to turn over emails linked with a criminal investigation, even though those emails are being saved on servers in Dublin, Ireland.

After the inclusion of this feature, Yahoo encrypted email should enter firmly into the mainstream. Forbes reported that the email’s subject line would not be encrypted, but the text will be unless it reaches the intended recipient.