Everybody loves good music, especially when frolicking in the sun and sand, taking in the smell of the ocean, lazing around on your back, or playing volleyball by the waves. With Xsories Beach Speaker Bag, gone are the days when one would have to lug around their personal Hi-Fi system, filled with batteries, to the beach that would belt out your favorite music. Most of you reading this article are probably too young to even know what a Hi-Fi music system is, and can be absolutely forgiven for being born a generation too late. But switch back to 2012, and we’ve got a mighty compact, awesomely handy bag (yes, you heard that right – we said bag) with an inbuilt speaker!

We ladies love our bags – the bigger the better and we can never have enough space. When heading down to the beach, our space requirements multiply tremendously, what with the need to fit in our beach towel, enough sunscreens, our oh-so-oversized sunglasses, water bottles, and what not.

Extremely lightweight, the speaker is powered by just 4 AA batteries, and is embedded snugly into the bag. The bag, in itself, is quite a trendy beach bag, made of transparent plastic and has ample space for all the knick-knacks you would ever need as a beach bum, as well as your music device. So put your iPod or phone into the specially designed exclusive compartment that can hold it securely in the beach speaker bag, connect it up and hit play to begin your party time on the beach.

Retailing at just $29.99, the beach speaker bag is an absolute must-have for those who love spending time on the beach and cannot live without their music, no matter where they go. So what are you waiting for? Grab one already before your next beach picnic or vacation, and get ready to shake a leg in the sand. And did we mention you never have to worry about your device getting damaged by sand or water because of the special compartment in the bag?

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