Xiaomi has pulled in a major surprise with its new smartphone concept. After the pop-up selfie king, we might soon be looking at pop-up earbuds. The Beijing based firm has filed a patent for an innovative smartphone concept that will have in-built slots for wireless earbuds.

The company has already made a mark for itself in the smartphone market through its high-performing smartphones available at more affordable price tags. While its innovative (but often strange) smartphone patents are nothing new, a smartphone with popping earbuds does seem rather appealing.

The recently filed patent suggests that the aforementioned smartphone design will feature true wireless earbuds that can pop out of the smartphone when needed and be safely kept back in the smartphone itself.

However, patent is just the first step towards protecting an idea and does not guarantee if thefinal product would actually be developed and produced in the future. However, we are hoping that the company would soon be developing a smartphone with pop up earbuds.

Notably, the new smartphone concept of in-built earphones can actually help the company to get rid of the charging case for earbuds altogether. Moreover, it can also take away our worries of misplacing or losing earbuds.

xiaomi built in earbuds patent

The phone will most likely feature two empty slots at the top for the two wireless earbuds. Moreover, the earbudswill also require rotatable heads/topsso that they can easily slide into the phone slots.

Major Challenges for the innovative smartphone design

Notably, the original pair of patents for the smartphone design and earphones was filed in January 2020. However, the patents registered with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) were only recently discovered and reported by LetsGoDigital.

However, the innovative Xiaomi smartphone design will also present its own set of challenges. To name a few, the earbuds’ slot will take up a significant amount of space in the phone that could be utilized for a bigger battery or more. Furthermore, it would also add on to the weight of the phone. Thus, it will be a major challenge to keep it light-weight without compromising on the other specs.

Xiaomi patent smartphone wireless earphones

Additionally, with the growing popularity of wireless earbuds, many smartphone manufacturers are already getting rid of the popular 3.5 mm audio jack. So, it would be interesting to see if the company too would let go of the famed earphone jack or keep it. That is to say if the innovative smartphone design with pop-up true wireless earphones will actually make it to the market.

Moreover, the phone also reminds us somewhat of the Samsung’s stylus pen. But, the Xiaomi’s concept of built-in earbuds would be a bolder move. It is going to be a definite watch if the idea does get to the point of commercial production.

What are your thoughts on the new Xiaomi smartphone design idea of pop-up TWS earphones? Share with us in the comments below.