Xiaomi Is Offering New Buyback Scheme

Xiaomi Is Offering New Buyback Scheme

df To keep up the festive spirits alive during the unprecedented time, Xiaomi has introduced ‘Mi Smart Upgrade’ scheme for offline consumers. Xiaomi’s new scheme for offline consumers promises an assured buyback value on their Redmi or Mi phones. The new offer is valid for all users who’d like to upgrade to a new device in the future. Furthermore,  Xiaomi further palns to retain  customers in the Mi and Redmi ecosystem by offering them an assured buyback value on their phones.

Xiaomi has promised a maximum of 70 percent assured buyback value for customers who’d want to trade in their Redmi or Mi device for a new phone. It is also offering Mi Smart Upgrade option n all Mi Home, Mi Studios and Mi preferred partner stores.

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Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operating Officer at Mi India told Indian Express, “The smartphone life cycle has started shrinking thanks to the rapidly evolving technology. New generations of phones are launching in six to nine months’ time. For the customer, this puts them in a new quandary. They buy a phone today, but in six months’ time that phone has quickly become the previous generation.”


He further added that the program will be applicable to devices starting Redmi 9 Prime and will also be applicable to all phones in the Redmi and Mi universe. It will be available in all authorised retail Xiaomi outlets, which includes Mi Home stores, Mi Studio, Mi Preferred partner stores.  “This was a constant feedback we received and that’s why we decided to introduce the Mi Smart Upgrade to solve this problem,” he added.

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Xiaomi will give customers an assured value of up to 40 percent applicable on the selling retail price) for a maximum of 15 months under the Xiaomi’s scheme for offline users. For instance, if a user wants to purchase a Redmi Note 9 Pro in the market today, and uses the Mi Smart Upgrade program, then he will get an assured exchange value of 40 percent on their older device.

“The big reason for launching it at this point of time is because the next 10 or days will be the biggest festive shopping season that we expect to see in the year. Yes, we’ve had a challenging year, but we see millions of customers coming for this festive season. With the Mi Smart Upgrade program, they’ll have another great reason to buy a Mi or Redmi phone in the festive season,” Muralikrishnan said.