Known for creating zany gadgets, Xiaomi has recently launched a 5000mAh ZMI Power Bank that can also warm your hands. The device is multi-purpose and works as both a hand warmer and an external battery, which means that it will not only keep your phone charged but also warm your hands during harsh winter days.

The 5000mAh ZMI Power Bank is currently priced at 89 yuan and is only launched in China. It is designed for everyday use and is equipped with a hand warmer feature. The hand warmer feature wears PTC self-limiting temperature heating technology, a patented design that promises safety and reliability. The heating technology is designed to control temperature steadily and precisely. 

Xiaomi 5000mAh ZMI Power Bank

The device is said to use high-quality lithium-ion batteries to provide additional protection. When the power bank by Xiaomi is fully charged, it is said that the device can itself switch between low and high temperature. The temperature will then be maintained for 2 to 4 hours, which will vary depending on the outside conditions. According to the information revealed by the company, within the safe temperature range, the device can reach the comfortable human body temperature which can reach about 52.

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It is also said that 5000mAh ZMI Power Bank can easily charge an iPhone 12 in about 54 minutes faster than the Apple 5W charger. The power bank is also said to be compatible with smartphones of several brands as well as low current devices like Bluetooth headsets, smart bands, and smartwatches. Also, the device is equipped with an LED light which can be used as a flashlight.

We are still not sure when whether this product will be launched in India or at what price but we sincerely hope it happens soon as the temperature has already started dipping quite low in the Northern part of the country. 

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