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XBox your way to glory: Microsoft launches ‘My achievements’



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Wow—here’s  news that’s worth hi fiving on, for all Xbox Live gamers. All your prayers for the My Achievements points being redeemable for purchases, have been answered in a grand way indeed.  The micro transactions made on Xbox can be converted into points that shall let you earn more games on the mean gaming machine. The catch her is that this would come for a small price—19,000 Dollars and you get going to earn achievements that can be redeemed.

Now here’s some serious news for serious gamers. There are three levels that gamers can access as per their scores—the Contender with scores  3,000-9,000, the Champion with 10,000-24,999 scores and the Legend with scores that are 25,000 plus.  Also what’s better is that you get a special treat during your birth month and for this you merely need to attain the minimum score of 3000. As you go on accumulating scores you stand to accumulate more goodies in your kitty. Up to 10000, you would be entitled to a 1 percent Microsoft Point reward for every purchase you make.  While if you reach the legend level, the same benefit hikes up to 2 percent.  Jaw dropping is it not? But hold on, the reward scheme is valid only up till June 2013. So hurry up and get set XBoxing

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