Microsoft is indeed giving a tough competition to Sony in terms of the gaming scene.  With the release of Xbox one new gaming console, Microsoft has up its ante against PS4.

With the help of ID@Xbox programme, Xbox has brought a whole of indie games. According the reports of The Verge, “This programme seems to be working to Microsoft’s advantage, and the results of the efforts have been seen in the latest announcements of indie developers for Xbox One.”

There are many independent developers including Vlambeer, Slightly Mad Studios, Comcept, Born Ready, Double Fine, Drinkbox, Team Colorblind who have pitched in their games to Xbox one.

“We’re working to make the program as accessible as possible. There’re no fees to apply to the program, or to submit a game for certification, or to submit game updates,” said Chris Charla of the ID@Xbox program to The Verge.

To lure the game developers and take the bait from PS4, Microsoft  has also provided developers kits to get an access of Xbox One add-on for Unity and Unity Pro licenses. These licenses for Xbox One are free of charge.