xbox one at retail storesFor those who have not been able to purchase the Xbox One from Amazon India, they can now get it at any Microsoft retail store. Starting next month, the popular game console will no longer be restricted to Amazon stores.

Xbox one now at brick & mortar stores

According to sources, the sub-distributors have sufficient stock of this product and have also started with a trial run. As of now, the company has not approached any other retail stores to avoid piling up of unsold inventory, which happened with Xbox 360.

Microsoft earlier had to face several issues with the excess production of Xbox 360 consoles and all their measures to sell the stocks did not give positive results. That is why, they do not want to take any chances. Instead of distributing stocks through different sellers, they have decided to offer decent discounts to attract buyers.

Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India director Anshu Mor said that the Xbox One consoles, games and accessories will be available with their priority resellers.  While retailing on gave them scale, they will be selling at stores to give a world-class experience to customers.