50578713-bcca-45d2-a557-15cf83631779The popularity of  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was high prior its release, that the gaming consoles were out of stock at most of the location by Black Friday. However, Sony and Microsoft looked like catching up with the production process as Xbox will be accessible in limited version on Sunday. Best Buy also confirmed that Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 gaming consoles will be accessible, as per Gotta Be Mobile.

 Both Xbox One producer, Microsoft and PlayStation 4 producer Sony availed explosive releases in the month of November. Though Xbox One made its entry a week later than its rival, but both managed to sell over a million units in just 24 hours of the release. The Xbox One has been priced $100 more than the Sony’s production. Gotta Be Mobile stated that the Xbox One has been much difficult to search for when compared to PlayStation 4

It has been very difficult to locate the gaming hardware of Xbox One since the device made its released on the 22nd of the last month, stated Craig Lloyd. All that we have got is a handful of games making their way to the retail stores in limited version every now and then, Amazon being the most recent, however, they sell a little shortly afterward with a quick reaction of the buyers.

Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile stated that the retailers are the only people who have made the fastest sale leaving the potential buyers to check out the Sony or Microsoft stores. However, there are only few of the stores left at present.

There is a better opportunity to walk in the Sony store and find PS4 than doing the same at the other retail stores. The same goes for the purchase of Xbox One. You can find game in store at a Microsoft store in comparison to the other retail stores.