Nintendo was a major playing in the launch of fitness games way back in 2008 with its ‘Wii Fit’. Now, they have also launched an upgraded version of Wii U system functioning in collaboration with the previous Wii Balance Board as well as the new Fit Meter, which is a round shaped doodad that tracks real world activities like elevation changes and steps taken.

The Wii U GamePad is a portable one and eliminates the hassle of having to look at the TV screen every time. However, apart from a handful of games utilizing controller as well as a newly launched dance mode, the available content is usually the same as the outgoing ‘Wii Fit’ version. Yet, the newer accessories itself make the ‘Wii Fit U’ a good substitute to all other high priced fitness gadgets.

Enhancements done in motion tracking with the new Kinect senor of Xbox One notwithstanding, the Xbox Fitness, which is more like an app than a game, presents like a pounce backward from previous year’s ‘Nike + Kinect Training’. This functioned as an integral part of Nike+ system and deployed the Xbox 360’s edition of Kinect.

‘Xbox Fitness’ is essentially a series of some great workout videos promoted by celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton.