Wunderlist: Your Free App for To-Do Lists


Grocery shopping, school fee, catching up with friends, meeting that deadline, getting that exercise, and even calling up mom. These are some of the one hundred things women have to tick off their list on an everyday basis. Waking up early, pre-planning, multi-tasking, saying no when you want are some ways to deal with the stress that comes with managing a modern women’s lifestyle. Yet, women are always struggling with time management and their to-do lists. Apps that help you manage to-do lists have become a friend in need for many of us.

One of them is the cloud-based task management app, Wunderlist. It’s a dream app for women who love to create lists to manage the daily “to-do” tasks. A blessing in disguise for working women, Wunderlist app helps users record their ideas, to do lists, and also allows you to share the tasks with your loved ones.

Recognized as the “best to-do app” by The Verge, Wunderlist is a useful tool that complements the day to day in the office and in personal life helping to organize the tasks to be done, making it easier to plan and coordinate activities. Not only does it have great integrations with other productivity apps, it   app instantly syncs between your phone, laptop, and tablet, thus letting you access your to-do list from anywhere.

Available on both Google Play and Apple Store, Wunderlist app is designed by Microsoft Corporation.

Features of Wunderlist app for to-do lists:

  • Allows users to create to-do lists
  • Accessible from phone, laptop & computer
  • Users can easily share lists and collaborate with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Allows you to discuss and delegate to-do lists to people you have shared the lists with
  • Pending tasks automatically roll over to the next day’s tasks
  • You can attach and share photos, PDFs, presentations and more
  • Users can set a reminder to ensure you never miss important dates like birthdays, anniversary, and even important deadlines
  • With Wunderlist at rescue, you can now organize your projects for work, home, and everywhere in between with Folders
  • You can also download others’ list of interest and make it your own.


For the women entrepreneurs out there!

If you are looking for a simple to-do task manager, you can go for a free trial. However, women who are aiming to improve productivity at workplace can choose a paid version for some more fantastic features. This to-do list app helps you stay organized, keeps a track of what is to be done in a day, and helps you meet your objectives.

Download Wunderlist Pro, which comes at $4.99 a month and allows you to add unlimited assignees, assignments, and unlimited tasks. The app has received a rating of 4+ on the Apple Store and not only women but men are also in love with this magic daily task management app.

Have you used the Wunderlist app? Tell us whether it’s a yay or a nay!

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