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Would The Radiant Display Of Apple iPad Mini 2 Take Away The Cake From Google Nexus 7 And Microsoft Surface

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Apple’s miniature iPad offering did quite well in the market since its release last year, and now, it’s almost time for a new version to come out. Here’s a compilation of all the rumors we’ve heard about the 2nd generation iPad Mini so far:

One of the first rumors we’d heard about the iPad Mini 2 was that it could come with Apple’s famous Retina Display technology, but it would most likely be costlier than the iPad Mini as a result. While consumers lapped up the iPad Mini, the tablet’s resolution was a lot lower than many of its Android competitors, which were priced lower too.

The current iPad Mini has a resolution of 1024X768 pixels, while the Retina Display iPad Mini 2 can get a resolution of 2048X1536 pixels. That’s nearly twice the resolution of the first generation iPad Mini.

Like every updated device, the iPad Mini 2 is also expected to get more powerful than the iPad Mini. According to rumors, Apple is planning to upgrade the processor from the current A6 processor to either an A6X processor or an A7 processor. So yes, you can multitask more and run a lot more apps easily.

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While the iPad Mini 2 was expected to release by March this year, there is speculation that the delay is being caused by Apple’s idea to release the new tablet with a brand new iOS 7. But if it takes more time to come up with iOS 7, Apple might either launch the iPad Mini 2 with the existing OS or delay it further until the new OS is ready.

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