World’s Most Powerful PC GPU is here: NVIDIA TITAN V


TITAN V, as unveiled by NVIDIA, is said to be the first consumer Graphics Processing Unit. This powerful PC GPU is named TITANV and is grounded on NVIDIA’s new Volta architecture.

TITAN V is designed to transform PC into AI Supercomputer. The new card boasts of 110 Teraflops when discussing computing power, and has outshone all the predecessors so far. The all-new monster graphic card, TITAN V, underneath its hood, has a rocking Volta GPU and dozens of redesigned Tensor cores curated for deep learning workloads.


NVIDIA, in the annual Neural Information Processing Systems conference, asserted that the TITAN V is very powerful and has nine times more “Deep Learning Horsepower” than the previous Titan X graphics card. Not only is this but the TITAN V a lot faster than the AMD Radeon Pro Duo. The all-new Volta architecture allows the card to run at twice the efficiency of its predecessor. The TITAN V has a 21.1-billion transistor GV100 GPU that is construed on a 12nm FFN high-performance process, tailored by NVIDIA. It includes 5,120 CUDA cores, 640 Tensor cores, a 1,200MHz base clock along with a 1,455MHz boost clock, and a gigantic 12GB of HBM2 memory running at 1.7Gbps, with a 3,072-bit interface for an effective 653GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The vision behind TITAN V Volta architecture was to push the external limits of high-performance computing and AI. The new processor architecture along with instructions, memory architecture, numerical formats, and processor links, NVIDIA TITAN V has already made a mark for itself.

This not so cheap powerful PC GPU is priced at $2,999 each and has made it to the top end of NVIDIA’s product line.