With two models from Samsung about to be released on August 13, many possible Samsung Note 5 and Samsung S6 Edge+ images have leaked on the internet. A lot of speculation and rumors are doing the rounds as well. Pictures of dummy sets are already circulating the internet and speculations abound. Recently, pictures of the Samsung S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have surfaced on the internet. This seems to be the final version. Interestingly, these phones are shown in working condition.

Working models of S6 Edge+ and Note 5 surface before launchKnowing more about these pictures

These shots are taken from the front angle because of which the specifications can be seen clearly. Pictures of the S6 Edge+ suggest there could be a curved phablet. In terms of looks, it is similar to the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy Note 5 demonstrates a look similar to the Note 4 from the front.

However, thinner bezels along with a large home button installed with a fingerprint sensor or possibly a scanner will differentiate the Galaxy Note 5 from the Galaxy Note 4. The pictures suggest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a metal frame, which will add to its charm. Loaded with features, these two sets are expected to stand up to the expectations of Samsung lovers.

The verdict

Industry experts state that even though the pictures have been released, it will not do any harm to the sales. In fact, it will help the sales to soar high as people are willing to get these phones as soon as possible and the leaked pictures will help the buyers to take a decision faster.

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