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5 Technologies You Should Have Learnt in 2020

As soon as COVID-19 set in, the world was taken by an unprecedented storm. We didn’t know how we would function without the real world. Social and emotional health took a toll. However, the bread had to be earned. That gave the rise to the need for new technologies that allowed us to work from home.

So, if you continued to work in 2020, here are the 10 technologies you should have learnt. If you haven’t done so already it’s time you did. Because we will be online in the coming months. And this could well be the new normal for a generation to come!

5. Video Conferencing

We are not simply talking about setting up a Zoom call. Instead, we hope you have learnt to send people off into breakout rooms. It’s super handy in long meetings. You can come back together once separate teams have collected their thoughts in breakout rooms. 

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We hope you tried Google Meet, Cisco WebEx and more! Lastly, you were able to add interesting backgrounds to your calls. However, this has to be done delicately. It’s safest to go with company logos or library images. Go quirky only if you know you are in the right place! Ensure that your sons have not changed the background to a Fortnite display. For this, you want to check your settings before you log into the call!

4. Scan the QR Code

Making zero-touch payments and accessing restaurant menus without soiling your fingers has become easy with QR codes! We hope you have the most convenient QR scanner set up on your smartphone. It’s a great way to socialise without exposing yourself to common surfaces.

3. Voice Assistants

Till March this year, we didn’t have much faith in the voice technology either. But the last 9 months have changed our perception. We hope you brought alive the Google Nest, Alexa, and more! There is also a great deal of comfort in the dictation on your smartphone or the dictation on the remote control of your SmartTV.

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Do try it and tell us if it helped!

2. Bluetooth Devices

This is especially for the working moms! If you struggle with handling work, homework and housework, you can benefit from Bluetooth a great deal. Plug in your phone to your speakers or headphones. It’s a great way to communicate easily. Plus, you can work freely even as you take that work call. Connect to your speakers in the evening to enjoy some music while you do the dishes.

We know, it’s not the ideal situation. But, it’s a great way to ease your time during the day!

1. Designing Social Media Graphics Online

Whether you started an online business during the pandemic or started to blog, o simply wanted to create a special wish for a friend. Creating online social media graphics has become really easy. Go to or Vimeo and start creating interesting content. It’s great for marketing yourself and your brand!

What technologies did you learn in 2020? Tell us in the comments!

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