WordPress has made some significant changes that comprise high-density displays in its interface and all the blogs hosted on the site. This announcement has been made by WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg. After the optimization, WordPress will also display the same picture quality that is found on Apple’s new iPad and Retina MacBook Pro. Not only this, the users with self-hosted WordPress can also make use of this function but through JetPack 1.6, which launched Thursday.

The introduction of high-density display has taken many developers by surprise. Reason behind that are the places where Retina display is already being used, for instance Mac apps developers are still not very confident of it and are continuously looking to catch-up. Developers are of the view that things are worse on the web. Mullenweg stated that, “Don’t have high-resolution equivalents of all their graphics to take advantage of the new screen, so they get “doubled” and look fuzzy, they stand out like a sore thumb.”

Nevertheless, with WordPress’ announcement, it is clear that it will now support high-resolution images on its blogs for all users. And in order to do the same, WordPress will take all the images that its users have posted, will size them to fit the theme and then present them with a Retina-optimized resolution. In addition to images, WordPress has also optimized the dashboard, reader and all of its own sites.

As far as self-hosted blogs are concerned, Word Press intends to put all Retina improvements into its upcoming 3.5 release. But before that takes place, users will have to make use of Jetpack in order use these features. The latest version of JetPack also lets you use Pinterest share buttons, which the users can take advantage of.

Gravatar, too is now using Retina display. This is what the company has said about its latest achievement, “users’ profile images will now be looking extra sharp to anyone who views Gravatar profile or Hovercard from a device like the iPhone 4.”