As the number of women gamers increase, so does the problem of sexual harassment, where these women are exposed to abusive languages.

The video game community online is known to shower abusive comments on women and here is one of the few incidents that recently caught the attention.

Miranda Pakozdi, a competitive fighting gamer received comments on her bra size and body, while playing her favorite game. Her coach online even trained the team webcam to focus on her legs and chest and he even sniffed her as a punishment.

The tirade of abuses ends, Pakozdi laughs.

But as she hears him defend his behavior, arguing that “the sexual harassment is part of our culture,” she quit.

Amazingly, this is not rare. There are other incidents too.

In another incident, Anita Sarkeesian, feminist moviemaker posted a Kickstarter campaign for a video that documented sexist tropes in games. She was then showered with negative comments and also got personal threats. There was one man who even made a Flash game in which all players got to punch Sarkeesian in the face.

However, standing up against the gamers’ sexual harassment also got her positive signs. Sarkeesian’s video made an impact and achieved its goal. Now there are many women gamers, who are speaking up about their experiences through blogging. These blogs focus on how women are treated in the gaming world. Microsoft recently promised to restore its X-Box Live system to improve police harassing comments.